NFL Rumors: Tony Romo Returning? Former Coach Believes Romo Will Return As Retirement Papers Remain Unsigned [Opinion]

Even in retirement, the Tony Romo rumors won’t go away. Last week, the former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback announced that he was stepping away from football to join CBS’ broadcast team for the upcoming 2017 NFL season. Even after Romo made it official that he was walking away from the game, something seemed a bit off about the entire retirement announcement.

Romo gave the strong impression that he was excited about the next season and the possibility of playing with a Super Bowl contender, and then all the sudden he just walks away?

Tony Romo Mavericks
Tony Romo did spend one day on the Dallas Mavericks since retirement. [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Well, if you are of the belief that Romo hasn’t seen his last down in the NFL, you are not alone. Many experts have a slight feeling that Tony Romo may fetch a call or two next season by a team (or teams) that need a quarterback, and Romo may just answer that call with “I’m on my way!”

According to the Sports Daily, former NFL head coach Eric Mangini is in that club. Mangini believes that it’s just a matter of time before the newly retired quarterback finds his way back onto the gridiron.

Mangini, who coached the New York Jets from 2006-08 and the Cleveland Browns in 2009 and 2010, said Monday on FS1’s Undisputed that he thinks there is an 80 percent chance Tony Romo plays in an NFL game this season.


“I am in the camp that believes Tony Romo is going to play football next season… Now that Romo has officially retired, he is also officially a free agent. How many weeks is Romo going to watch a bunch of average quarterbacks play and think – I should be doing that.”

Mangini makes some important points. First of all, Jerry Jones wasn’t trading Romo, period, but the big question is why didn’t he release him in January? Something about this whole love fest Jones has for Romo just seems odd. Is it possible that Jones still wanted Romo to be the starter in Dallas but knew it wasn’t going to happen, yet he couldn’t strike a deal to trade him? And the fact that Jones didn’t release Romo until he made it clear he was walking away from the game does seem a bit like a “calculated” move.

One other comment that may have fans believing that no matter how much Romo smiles in his interviews, he still has that drive to play was when he said he felt he “left something” on the field. Players who are ready to walk away from the game they love usually say they “left everything they had on the field.” Romo’s comments sound more like a player who isn’t ready to go quite yet.

Romo 2017 rumors
Will head coach Jason Garrett and Tony Romo cross paths in 2017? [Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]

And if Tony Romo fans want one more reason to believe that he may be back for one last hurrah, NBC Sports is reporting that Romo still hasn’t officially signed his retirement papers.

“Romo has not filed retirement papers with the NFL and it is not something that is planned at the moment,” Archer writes. “That does not mean Romo will return to playing status anytime soon, but it does mean the option remains open.”

Could Tony Romo come back and be effective for a team next season? Many critics believe it is not possible just due to all of the time Romo has missed in live action. However, that is what many MLB experts said about Roger Clemens when he walked away from the game, only to come back and pitch at a pretty high level.

Nevertheless, the quick decision for Tony Romo to call it quits is, of course, Romo’s and Romo’s alone. After all, who knows more than Tony Romo about how he feels physically and mentally towards the game at this time. Still, if I were betting on a possible Romo comeback, I would have to agree with Eric Mangini. Call it a gut feeling, but Tony Romo will be suiting up for an NFL team this upcoming season.

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