Barron Trump’s Latest Headlines Enough To Mortify Any Preteen? [Opinion]

Barron Trump has just turned 11 and through no fault of his own, anything that he does outside the protection of his penthouse home becomes a major headline. This is mostly because Barron has captured the nation’s hearts as the first boy to roam the White House halls since the days when little John-John Kennedy lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

While some have taken a different avenue in the past by targeting Barron with disparaging remarks, the majority of the country has embraced Barron as the nation’s first son. With that said, can you remember back to when you were 11-years-old? It is a time in life when the toys of childhood are piled up and abandoned as new interests take their place like rock music, electronic games and sports.

Think back to those preteen years or picture your kids going through that preteen age. What would your reaction be as a preteen if your friends, or better yet, everyone in your school got wind of you suddenly being under the watchful eye of a nanny? Because this is the age group putting so much energy into trying to look older and attempting to create their own version of being cool, you would most likely be mortified. Chances are Barron would feel the same as a typical preteen.

The recent headlines suggesting that a dark-haired young woman recently seen on a bowling outing with Barron may be his “secret nanny” sounds pretty generic and harmless. But that probably wouldn’t be the case for a preteen boy, who is the topic of this nanny story. Barron, Melania and Tiffany Trump had a family outing at an up-scale bowling alley this week and the unidentified woman seen with them has sparked some assumptions that she is a nanny for Barron.

The headlines were mainly spotlighting the family taking some time out to have some fun, but there is a woman in the group who doesn’t appear to be part of the Secret Service entourage. It seems her affiliation with the family has caused much speculation.

With Melania making so many frequent trips to Washington to take part in events as the first lady of the nation without Barron, the question of who is watching over the lad has bubbled up. Next, this unidentified woman pops up in the pictures with Barron and his mom at the bowling alley, so speculation kicked in.

“Barron Trump Caught Bowling With Suspected Secret Nanny,” which is a headline coming from Opposing Views. This is one of many headlines referring to the woman as a possible “nanny” for Barron, with others also calling her a “secret nanny.”

While this woman could be someone who is helping out with Barron, she could also just be a friend of Melania or Tiffany’s who went bowling with them. Barron has grown up without a nanny, as reported in an archived People Magazine article from 2015.

Melania has been a hands-on mom when it comes to raising her son, but like any other parents of young kids, you sometimes need to go out without a child in tow, so someone has to mind the youngsters. In Melania and Donald Trump’s case Barron was well cared for by his grandparents, Melania’s mom and dad, Viktor and Amalija Knavs.


According to Romper, Melania’s parents “eventually followed their daughter to the United States, where they now live, alternating between Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.”

With her parents close by, Melania has someone to keep an eye on Barron when she needs to go out without him. While you have seen movies where the Secret Service agents are given the task of watching fictional president’s kids, that’s just in the movies. Barron is guarded by the Secret Service, but they don’t supply babysitting duties.


Barron is a big boy for 11 and his mode of dress, which is very grown-up looking, makes him look that much older than the average preteen at his age. At 11, he is only a year or two away from the age when a lot of kids start becoming the babysitter for younger kids.

No one knows who the dark-haired woman was with Melania, Barron and Tiffany at the bowling alley. Tagging her as a possible “nanny” for Barron probably isn’t the terminology a preteen would want to see used when he is involved. So, who was the “friend” bowling with the Trump family members this week?

[Feature Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]