Why Does Barack’s Hair Appear Full Gray On Vacation? Only Michelle Obama Knows For Sure [Opinion]

Barack Obama is sporting a full head of gray hair, or at least that is what his latest vacation pictures seem to indicate. While it appeared he slowly sprouted gray hair over the last eight years, it seems as if it has accelerated in growth since he left office. Has all that warm salt water and tropical sunshine done something to accentuate that gray tone to his hair?

Michelle and Barack Obama are going from one tropical paradise to another, and if that sounds like heaven to you, think again. What might be a vacation of a lifetime to most people just can’t be all that relaxing to the former first couple with the crowd they have in tow. They are surrounded by Secret Service on the beach, in the water, and everywhere they go. Maybe that kind of stress is helping promote the color change of the former president’s hair?

The latest pictures show the couple is on an island resort in French Polynesia, according to what Travel and Leisure Magazine was able to find out from locals. The latest reports on Barack Obama is that the former president is “true to reputation, he was very relaxed.” In the few pictures posted, it is hard to image that either Michelle or Barack Obama can be in a relaxed state because they took a ton of people along on this tropical getaway.

There are not too many pictures of the former president and first lady’s vacation getting posted online today, but it appears someone was able to snap a few of Barack and Michelle heading out on a boat. Another picture shows the former president paddle boarding just off shore of a tropical island, according to the Daily Mail.


According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, the former president and first lady started their extended journey the day after Trump’s inauguration when Barack Obama flew to Palm Springs to play some golf. He followed his golf outing with a trip to Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands.

From Branson’s place, he went home for a short stay. Travel and Leisure writes, “He briefly returned to Washington, DC before taking off for French Polynesian last month, with a brief stopover in his home state of Hawaii.”

From there, the couple traveled to Brando, a private island resort, once owned by Marlon Brando. It is now opened as an “eco-friendly resort.” It is on the island of Tetiaroa, which is about 30 miles off the coast of Tahiti.

While the Twitter posts are in French, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out this boating scene below as Barack comes up a ladder from the water, where he is going elbow to elbow with the Secret Service people on the vessel’s deck. Does this look relaxing? It appears unless someone gets up to give him a seat, he will be left standing in that crowd.


The peace and serenity you’d expect while paddle boarding on the soft waves of a tranquil ocean doesn’t shine through in the next picture posted, which is seen below. Obama looks as far away from relaxing as one can get with the crowd the former president has in tow. They are in front of him, in back of him, to the left and to the right of him. Yes, they are all around him. Sure, he’s well protected, but he’s vacationing in a constant crowd.

Typically, this type of entourage isn’t shown in pictures of the president and first lady. Photos of any president and his wife on vacation don’t usually display the crowd that goes along with them. In contrast, these pictures seem to give a more realistic view of what a vacation as a president or former president is really like.


Witnesses report that at one point, Michelle and Barack Obama started out for a water excursion on a small boat, but they were flanked by other boats holding their Secret Service entourage. Whatever mood they were going for, leisure, relaxed, romantic or just sight-seeing, the couple didn’t have a chance to do it on their own, as these people surround them day and night.

The only thing extravagant about the Obamas after-office vacation is the price; there’s no extravagance by being flanked by people who you couldn’t dismiss even if you wanted to. As for price, the villas on the island start a $3,ooo a night for one bedroom and they go up in price from there, according to the Daily Mail.

As far as money goes, it doesn’t seem as if Barack and Michelle will have any trouble earning a living as they are both in the process of writing separate books for a reported sum of $65 million, according to Publisher’s Weekly.

Back to that full gray head of hair the former president seems to have in his latest pictures. Could it be something as simple as he’s gone natural after using some type of product that covers gray hair for men? You’ve seen it in commercials, men combing it through their beards and touching up their temples with the product. Or could it be as simple as the sun glimmering off the former president’s head just offers the illusion of a full head of gray hair? Only Michelle knows for sure.

[Featured Image by Steve Helber/AP Images]