King Donald’s Luxury Weekend Trips To Mar-A-Lago Are A Sign Of His Flawed Character [Opinion]

Donald Trump, who has now spent 21 days of his three-month Presidency at his luxurious Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, is living more like a king than a public servant, and he expects the American taxpayer to continue to foot the bill for his luxurious weekend getaways.

According to CNN, Donald Trump’s vanity excursions to Florida have already been the source of over $20 million in wasteful government spending, with no end in sight, because rather than doing his presidential duties, King Donald needs to play golf and hobnob with other wealthy people who can afford the excessive price tag of a weekend at Mar-A-Lago. Oh, and before I forget, Trump profits from these little getaways too, since he owns the resort, making the grift even more heinous.

By comparison, former President Barack Obama incurred expenses totaling $97 million on personal travel during his entire eight years serving as President, according to Judicial Watch. Curiously, so-called “small government conservatives” were always ready to jump all over Barack Obama for his golf outings and holidays, but are notably silent about the excesses of President Trump.

trump mar-a-lago
Taxpayers are supporting Trump's luxury trips to Mar-A-Lago. [Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

If Donald Trump wanted to continue living the glamorous, leisure-filled life of a typical billionaire, he should not have run for President of the United States. He should have bought a new hotel or started production on another inane reality TV program. The life of a President is not supposed to be fun and games, though Trump’s behavior tells us he disagrees. Trump seems content to continue living the life of a “boss” whose behavior does not need to be justified to anyone.

Well, newsflash, King Donald, you’re not the boss anymore. The President is an employee, a servant, and one who was hired by the American people to work for the American people. Many of those American people are fed up with the feeble attempt you’ve made at performing the job’s duties.

Of course, Trump’s most ardent supporters are completely silent about the excesses evident in Donald Trump’s routine Mar-A-Lago excursions and continue to defend him. These people are little more than hypnotized followers of a personality cult that Trump has masterfully built around the bogus notion that he will “make America great again.” They so desperately want to believe in Trump, despite the mountains of evidence that keep piling up that tell us he is at best a failure, but more likely a con-artist who never intended to follow through with the bulk of what he promised, except when it comes to “easy” things like slashing the budget on social spending.


If Trump had any semblance of virtue as a human being, he might step back for a moment and realize that his grandiose semi-weekly holidays to Florida are an example of wasteful government spending and a sick fleecing of the American public. But the con-artist Trump is anything but a virtuous man. More likely, Trump revels in the idea that he’s getting something for nothing, and adores the notion that he has yet again “outsmarted” a system that he has clearly always viewed himself as above and beyond.

How many more expensive trips to Mar-A-Lago are the American people going to have to pay out of our pockets before we say enough is enough and demand some accountability? Why should we pay for the luxury accommodations in Manhattan of Trump’s wife who deems herself too good to live in our humble White House in the nation’s capital? For how long will we watch as King Donald slashes social spending for the poor, and for arts, and for the environment, while he lives like a king on our dime? Did our forefathers not fight a war against the regime of King George III to rid us of the notion that a king and his royal family have the right to bleed us of our income so that they can live luxuriously off our blood, sweat, and tears?

Donald Trump’s life of luxury can resume when he is no longer our servant. It’s time to put a stop to the madness of King Donald.

[Featured Image by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]