Pressured By President Trump, China Is Expected To Do Something About North Korea’s Nukes [Opinion]

For some time, there has been fear in the world due North Korea’s nuclear weapons, which made many people hope the weapons would be taken out. However, now it appears China may be preparing to do just that. A Chinese envoy arrived in South Korea recently, which is an ally to the United States. According to VOA News, China reportedly reached an agreement to take “strong action” against North Korea if nuclear or ballistic missile tests continue

38 North founder Joel Witt told Business Insider that the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile progress has been increasing rapidly as of the past year as clearly they’ll need to test them out once everything it taken care of. Since 38 North is a website that brings experts together on North Korea, Joel certainly has the inside information regarding what is going on in the nation. Naturally, people are not happy to see that North Korea has to eventually test, really, any weapon they have, much less anything nuclear.

Obviously, with each test, North Korea is getting closer to its goal of creating an intercontinental ballistic missile that can threaten anyone in the world. That goes big time for the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has been very open about the fact that they would take military action if needed, which would hopefully prevent this kind of thing from being in the hands of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un
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Trump spoke recently with the Financial Times before he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He claimed in the interview that “if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will.” Of course, this meeting may have worked out well for Trump, who most likely had to help China realize that North Korea having weapons like this can affect not just the United States but every nation on Earth, including China. This could be why China has decided to get involved. Right now, however, it is uncertain if what China is doing now, regarding missile testing, is what Trump felt would work.

It is no secret that President Trump and even President Obama had not accepted North Korea’s possession of nuclear weaponry. Trump and all of Washington have shown a growing impatience over the situation. Due to this, the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and strike group have been directed to the Korean peninsula. This was basically a move made to do something similar to what happened in Syria recently that took out their chemical weapons.

Now it appears that diplomats from South Korea and China have struck a deal on handling the North Korean missile threat, which won’t involve a strike from the United States. North Korea was not happy when they heard that the USS Carl Vinson was headed toward them, calling it an “outrageous act” and claiming they are “ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S.” Funny enough, without nuclear weapons, the United States would already be a step ahead. On top of this, the United States is not the only nation opposed to North Korea having such weapons.

The United States sent a message through President Trump’s strike on Syria, and many think if they wanted, they could do something similar to North Korea. It would be tougher, however, to do this. Due to nuclear and conventional missile launchers and a massive amount of artillery located in North Korea, the area of impact for this would take out most if not all of North Korea. However, it would also take out all of Seoul, South Korea, as well. The capital city of South Korea houses 10 million people, and with South Korea being an ally to the U.S., it would be a tough risk.

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China knows a strike on North Korea by the United States would cause a huge issue. Experts informed Business Insider that China certainly does disapprove, like many, of North Korea having these weapons, but they want to preserve a North Korean state against some Western influences. They fear a strong and united Korea complete with democracy and United States installations. China is apparently spooked as well regarding recent deployment of advanced missile defenses in South Korea.

These are things the United States provided their ally in South Korea, which was mainly put in play so that South Korea had a way to immediately respond if North Korea were to pull something pretty big with their possible nuke or ballistic missiles. China noticed all of this and realized the South had all of this from the United States due to North Korea, but if this threat ended, then things could lessen. However, China does not want the United States inside North Korea. This would occur if the U.S. leveled the country and allowed South Korea to take it over.

President Trump reportedly discussed the North Korean issues with the Chinese president when the two met last Thursday. They both reaffirmed their commitment to denuclearize North Korea and planned to adhere to all United Nations sanctions against the “hermit kingdom.” While both the United States and China want to rid North Korea of their nukes for different reasons, they both want it done. That alignment may not be a lot, but it is still good to see for anyone outside North Korea.

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