Hillary Clinton Admits Masturbation Bill ‘Sure Resonated’ With Her? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton has emerged to share her thoughts on the government today and the direction that she believes it is going in. Keep in mind that Hillary still believes she should have been president and is in the process of penning a book with her finger of blame pointing to everyone, but her.

Texas representative Jessica Farrar, who is fed up with the anti-abortion bills recently proposed in the Longhorn State, has concocted a bill of her own. She has done this with the complete knowledge that it will never see the light of day. The bill encompasses several satirical proposals, including fining men $100 for masturbating, according to Reinery 29.

Apparently this bizarre bill fit in with Hillary’s fantasy politics and she made mention of this during a speaking engagement at a recent luncheon. According to Pink News, Hillary spoke to an audience that had assembled for a luncheon for “Annie’s List.” She said, “the bill may be satirical, but the message sure resonated.”

The bill, which is called – “The Man’s Right To Know Act” wants the men in Texas to “masturbate under supervision and inside approved health care facilities.” Farrar intended this bill to mirror the way male politicians think when it comes to making judgments on women’s bodies. It was her way of drawing attention to this. Apparently the bill did catch Hillary’s attention.

The Texas representative never intended the bill to ever make its way into law. This should have the men in Texas breathing a sigh of relief considering the bill also calls for men to get a rectal exam before the doctor can prescribe Viagra. This bill was spun after Farrar came across another bill that would force a woman to bury or cremate her aborted fetus. This was too over the edge for the Texas representative and this satire of a masturbation bill was born.

Apparently this fantasy masturbation bill offered up the perfect precursor for Hillary ‘s attempt at bashing Trump’s healthcare bill along with his stand on planned parenthood. Hillary offered up her take on Trump’s version of fixing the healthcare system without ever mentioning his name.

Clinton spoke to a crowd of about 2,500 at the Marriott Marquis in the center of Houston. She had a lot to say about the way she perceives women will be treated under the new administration.

“When you seriously try to kick millions of women and families off their health insurance, when you believe it would be the right thing to do for your political base to defund Planned Parenthood even though the majority of America disagrees with you, that is not empowering women, that is just meanness, that is cruelty.”

Hillary also used Trump’s recent air strikes on a Syria airfield to her own benefit. While Hillary agreed with the power play orchestrated by the U.S., she doesn’t agree with the immigration ban Trump has been trying to put in place since first taking office.

Referring to Trump and his administration as “they” Hillary said that she hopes “they will recognize that we cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies, and in the next close America’s doors to them,” according to a report on Patch.

Hillary has mastered these attacks on Trump without so much as mentioning a whisper of his name. Instead of allowing the Syrians to lose their lifetime homes, why not take the steps to give the Syrians back their country? Wouldn’t it make more sense to make a move, that works towards giving the country back to its people rather than relocating them? The Syrian air strike was the first small step leading in that direction. The U.S. sent the message that you cannot kill off the people of that country.

Besides mentioning the Masturbation Bill in Texas, Hillary has been doing some other important tasks these days. The woman who believes she should be president is seen below posing in a pair of Katy Perry pumps, which are now on sale for spring.

According to The DC, Katy Perry posted the Instagram photo on Monday. It’s a picture of Hillary Clinton modeling a pump that is on sale in Perry’s shoe collection. Now that is some important work. Katy Perry was a big supporter of Hillary while on the campaign trail. Is this a case of one hand washing the other?

It looks like Hillary has been busy covering things from hand to feet over the last few days, with her offering up her thoughts on the masturbation bill to showing off a pair of shoes from Perry’s collection. She’s got it all covered.

[Featured Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]