Donald Trump’s Travel Expenses Create Outrage Among Taxpayers [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s travel expenses have raised eyebrows after it was reported that it cost taxpayers roughly $24 million for his luxury getaway at a luxury resort in Florida.

Trump’s travel expenses for the holiday retreat have caused an outrage among taxpayers who took to Twitter to express their disappointment. The reports claim that the $24 million was almost enough to fit former President Barack Obama’s travel budget within his first two years of presidency. The current US president is said to have spent about seven weekends at the Mar-a-Lago since his inauguration. Each trip he made to the resort is believed to have cost $3 million or more, and this is partly because it also included his security detail.


Trump’s travel expenses are rapidly burning through the taxpayer’s money.

An analysis of former president Obama revealed that his travel expenses during the two terms added up to $97 million, which is equivalent to an average of $12.1 million per year. President Trump has already spent more than Barack’s annual average so far, yet he has only been in office for a few months. The new president is reportedly said to have spent a whopping $10 million on three holidays which he spent golfing.

The spending does not include Melania Trump’s travel and living arrangement.

Donald Trump's travel expenses for the holiday retreat
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Trump’s expenses do not include the rest of his family. This means that the expenses would be higher had it included his wife Melania and their son. The first lady would also require her own security detail. She insisted on remaining in New York with their son, Barron. According to a report from the New York Police Department, the security budget for the first lady and her son at Trump Tower is between $127,000 and $146,000.

Analysts suggest that President Trump will surpass Obama’s entire travel budget of $97 million within ten months if the current spending rate continues. The analysts also claim that if the president was to cut down on some of that frivolous spending, then the savings would be enough to fund some of the programs that are on the verge of being scrapped. Trump’s government aims to make budget cuts worth as much as $597 million. The president also promised to boost military spending by $54 billion and that the funds will be provided by budget cuts from other departments. However, his expensive holiday spending is expected to cost the American taxpayer.

Meanwhile, Trump has been accused of being a hypocrite because he criticized his predecessor of indulging in golf during the period he served as president.

“Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter,” Trump tweeted in 2014.

Trump has also taken an aggressive military stance after he authorized a missile attack on Russia. The attack on Syria also proved that he was not in league with Russia’s President Putin, contrary to claims. Donald’s son Eric Trump also defended his father, saying that he was not apprehensive about Putin’s threats of war.


“President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase to punish President Bashar al-Assad for a nerve gas attack last week was influenced by the reaction of his sister Ivanka, who said she was ‘heartbroken and outraged,'” stated Eric. The political tension has been rising between the two countries since the foreign policy secretary Boris Johnson announced that the U.S. would slash sanctions if Russia failed to pull back its military forces from Syria.

The U.S president’s attack on Syria creates more uncertainty as even as tensions rise following his aggressive foreign policy. In the meantime, Americans are pointing fingers at Trump for his outrageous holiday expenses amid worry that it does not exactly reflect good leadership.

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