NBA Rumors: The Miami Heat Might Nab Gordon Hayward From The Utah Jazz [Opinion]

The Miami Heat are currently in the thick of things when it comes to making the playoffs this year. This is no small feat considering that they were at the bottom of the barrel during the first part of the season. Because of this, a lot of NBA insiders expected the Heat to start trading their key pieces away to give way to a massive rebuild. Some thought that Hassan Whiteside will be shipped away, while nearly everyone thought that Miami Heat’s point guard Goran Dragic was as good as gone.

However, the Miami Heat went on a surprising winning streak a few months ago. This was the big reason why the Miami Heat can steal a spot at the playoffs. Things are looking bright for this team, and if recent rumors are to be believed, it could even be brighter for the Miami heat.

According to CBS Sports, there are whispers that Utah Jazz star Gordon Hayward could sign with the Miami Heat next summer. If this is true, this could end up as the biggest free agency acquisition when the offseason hits. According to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, Pat Riley’s success as the president of the Miami Heat franchise should be enough to lure the versatile small forward to don a Heat uniform next year.

“Riley has a home court advantage because Miami is a prime free agent destination. The weather, the zero state income tax and the chance to play for a top franchise are too good for a lot of players to turn down. There are already whispers that if Utah can’t re-sign Gordon Hayward he could end up in Miami.”

It is already widely known that Pat Riley is very good when it comes to convincing high-profile players to join the Miami Heat. In 2010, Riley assembled arguably the most formidable lineup the NBA has ever seen when he got Lebron James and Chris Bosh to join forces with Dwyane Wade in Miami. This resulted in four straight finals appearance and two championships. Suffice to say, getting someone like Gordon Hayward seems tame compared to Pat Riley’s feat seven years ago.

But as the article points out, this would highly depend on whether or not Gordon Hayward leaves the Utah Jazz. Right now, the Jazz are sitting pretty at fifth place and are currently tied with the fourth-seeded Los Angeles Clippers. It seems like there is no good reason for the All-star to leave a budding franchise for a spot with the Miami Heat. Plus, the Jazz can offer Hayward the most money in free agency.

However, this is where it all gets very interesting, as a report from Fansided has stated that Gordon Hayward is actually willing to leave the Utah Jazz for a bigger market after the playoffs. If this is the case, then he only has a few options when it comes to teams who can afford him. One is the Boston Celtics and the other is the Miami Heat.

If Hayward does sign with the Miami Heat, then it is really going to be massive. The addition of Hayward is going to give the Miami Heat a massive scoring boost. Miami does not have a bonafide scorer and relies on Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters to create scoring opportunities for the team. Gordon Hayward is miles better than those two when it comes to that department and will fill a huge hole in the Miami Heat offense.

A tandem of Hassan Whiteside and Gordon Hayward for the Miami Heat is an absolute dream. Whiteside is the best defensive center in the league by far and can also give opposing teams headaches on offense with his quickness. Gordon Hayward, on the other hand, will have plenty of open shots for the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat fans should definitely keep their fingers crossed that this rumor turns out to be real.

[Featured Image By Joel Auerbach/AP Images]