Melania Trump Shares Family Trait With Sister, Parents, And Possibly Barron? [Opinion]

Melania Trump has become an expert on skirting the media and keeping out of the public eye when she wants to, but this might not be something new for the first lady. It seems that Melania is not the only reclusive member of her family.

With Melania’s sister living only a block away from her, it is amazing that no recent pictures of the first lady’s only sister have emerged. Ines Knauss is 49-years-old and is Melania’s big sister and only sister for that matter, reports the Express. The pictures available online of Ines aren’t recent photos, but the family resemblance is apparent.

Considering that Ines is Melania’s best friend, which is something the first lady has said in the past, it is amazing that she has been able to thwart off the media and paparazzi, who seem to be always after that money shot. When Melania explains that her family members are very private people, she really means it. And it is evident that her sister and her parents don’t harbor a need to be in the spotlight. If they did, they’ve had plenty of chances, and none of them have taken the opportunities.

The first lady has gotten so good at being reclusive while at home in Trump Tower that she’s actually has put an end to the paparazzi staking out her residence and Barron’s school looking to get that money shot of her. A recent story in the Washington Post described how a veteran member of the paparazzi, along with the rest of the camera-wielding group, have stopped waiting for a chance to snap a picture of Melania that might never come. She’s that good at skirting the cameras.

Melania and her sister grew up together and were very close with her parents, Amalija Knavs and Viktor Knavs. During Donald Trump’s campaign, the digging by the media into her parent’s lives was extremely hurtful to Melania because her parents are such private people.

Much like Melania keeps Barron protected from the media, she does the same for her parents. Both her mom and dad were at Trump’s inauguration, but that was never noted at the time. The cameras never pointed out that they were there.

Melania’s parents weren’t pointed out at the inauguration until after the fact. You can see them standing in the background looking very proud of their son-in-law and their daughter. It is hard to imagine the amount of pride Melania’s parents must have for their daughter, especially now that she is the first lady of the greatest country in the world.

During her husband’s campaign, Melania made it extremely clear that she didn’t feel it was fair that people were poking around into her immediate family’s lives just because her husband, Donald Trump, was running for the top seat in the nation. According to the Daily Mail, back in May of last year, Melania “went on to note that her parents were ‘private citizens’ and shouldn’t have been subjected to ‘unfair scrutiny.'”


Social media users have commented that Melania’s parents resemble her and Donald Trump just a bit. Both are handsome couples, and they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Melania’s dad is said to have the same type of personality as Donald Trump.


One thing that’s for sure: Melania’s parents are loving grandparents to Barron. The couple live in Trump Tower, and they often travel to the Trump’s Florida home with Melania and Barron. They are seen below with a younger Barron Trump on a beach.


As far as Ines and Melania go, they are really close for sisters. The pictures available of Ines online are a decade old, like the one below where Melania and Ines pose with Audrey Gruss, who is a wealthy philanthropist. This photo was taken back in 2005 at an event that benefited the Boys and Girls Club of New York. The event was held at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida resort home of Melania and Donald Trump that is getting a lot of press time since Trump came into office.

Melania did mention her sister back in July when she addressed the Republican National Convention. She called Ines “an incredible woman and a friend.” Ines has a Facebook page, but she again is very elusive even there. Much of the page is dedicated to her little sister Melania, although she does have some pictures of herself posted there.

Melania seems to enjoy her privacy, and this wasn’t something new for her when she became the nation’s first lady. She shares this trait with her family members. While Barron is still too young to make his own decisions about the spotlight, he may just grow up to follow the traits of his mom’s side of the family.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]