President Trump Is Playing General From Behind A Twitter Account [Opinion]

Even since before he was elected, Donald Trump has been shrouded in controversy. Whether it stems from his impromptu speeches and monologues or his explosive Twitter account, President Trump has left nothing unsaid on his road to the White House. Part of Trump’s voter turnout praised his from-the-hip rhetoric, but many critics of the president have condemned his childish use of social media, as reported by Red State.

Following the seemingly endless allegations against the president, Trump has turned to labeling anything reported on him and his cabinet as “fake news.” Trump’s “fake news” tactic goes back as far as October, where Trump claimed that he would be victim of a rigged election, per NBC News.

More recent “fake news” allegations surrounding President Trump includes his apparently top-secret tax records, as reported by Fox News, and the accusations of Trump’s cabinet being connected to Russia, which, despite some evidence to the contrary, Trump and his officials continue to deny.


President Trump’s statistics, despite holding office for less than 100 days, are less than stellar. Barely a week into office and Trump had already conducted a failed raid in Yemen on an al-Qaeda compound, as reported by the New York Times. The raid was botched from start to finish, as the helicopter used in the operation made a hard landing and had to be destroyed. The mission saw the death of one Navy SEAL in a firefight with enemy insurgents, and several more injured in the hard landing. The raid yielded no useful information.

Trump followed up his ground mission with the deployment of the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen, per CBS News.

Trump’s latest military effort took place in Syria, after a chemical attack was conducted in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, per the New York Times. Trump carried out an airstrike just days later, firing more than 50 Tomahawk missiles at an allegedly abandoned Syrian airstrip. Trump cited the airstrip as the chemical storage facility where the original sarin gas attack was carried out.

Despite being the “anti-establishment” and “anti-globalist” candidate in the 2016 election, Trump has fallen right in line with his predecessors and current political agendas. As reported in an earlier Inquisitr article, Trump’s proposed budget overhauls cut significant funding to many American programs, including Meals on Wheels and WIC, but gave a healthy 10 percent bump in funding to the Department of Defense.


This is telling, as Trump’s Tomahawk missile attack cost more than $60 million, as reported by MarketWatch. Instead of tackling the political issues he addressed during his campaign and “draining the swamp,” Trump seems committed to stirring the pot across the globe.

The strangest part of the whole ordeal is Trump’s Twitter trail; while Obama was in office, Trump railed day and night about how the U.S. military needed to be kept out of the Middle East, as reported by Time. Trump went so far as to say that since Obama’s approval numbers were low, he would “make a move in Libya” to improve his rating. President Trump is riding an all-time low approval rating and has apparently taken a page out of his own book to bring his numbers up.


Upon inspecting Trump’s Twitter history, he has apparently deleted many of his criticisms of Obama now that he is employing the same tactics. It seems that a lot of this controversy could be avoided if Trump simply suspended the use of his Twitter account and conducted himself in a more professional fashion. This notion remains a pipe dream.

After Trump’s direct attack on the Syrian government, both Iran and Russia issued warnings to the U.S. to halt further combative efforts within Syria, as reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the Hill, Russia quickly deployed a warship to the Mediterranean Sea after the missile attack in Syria.


With more turmoil budding in Syria, it was a surprise to see Trump directly address a potential second crisis with North Korea. As reported by the Independent, Trump redirected an aircraft carrier toward the Korean Peninsula amidst rumors of missile tests being conducted by the North Koreans, who also condemned the missile attack in Syria.

As President Trump continues to defend himself with “fake news” dismissals, the real narrative is coming to life across the globe. Since his first week in office, Trump has been dedicated to strategically positioning the U.S. military around countries like Yemen and Syria; the issue is that in some places, he is helping pro-government forces, and in other regions, he seems to be helping the rebels. Trump hasn’t made his intentions clear to anyone, but he will likely continue to agitate international interests in Syria, despite his past criticisms.

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