WWE Rumors And News: Does The Undertaker Have A Future Role In WWE Wrestling After The Superstar Shakeup? [Opinion]

It is just one week since fans saw The Undertaker retire after losing his WrestleMania 33 to Roman Reigns. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Undertaker left his hat, coat, and gloves in the center of the WrestleMania ring before kissing his wife, saluting the crowd, and disappearing into a well-deserved retirement. The Deadman is 52-years-old and has been an infrequent WWE competitor for years, and according to PPP Focus, he needs further hip surgery. As much as he will be missed by the WWE universe, The Undertaker’s retirement was inevitable.

There is no doubt that The Undertaker leaves a huge hole, he has been the WWE’s top star for over 25 years. It would be no exaggeration to say that the WWE will find it impossible to replace The Undertaker. It is simply not possible to replace the man who embodied everything that is great about wrestling entertainment. The Undertaker’s “streak” at WrestleMania was the making of a legend that grew to become much bigger than the man himself, and when WWE fans hear the tolling of a bell, they think only of The Undertaker.

Undertaker Roman Reigns WrestleMania
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By having Roman Reigns retire The Undertaker, Vince McMahon told fans that Roman Reigns is The Undertaker’s replacement. In building his own legend, The Taker of Souls retired Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, both at WrestleMania. McMahon has been grooming Reigns as the face of the WWE network for years, but the WWE universe will never accept Reigns as The Undertaker’s replacement.

Reigns is the man the WWE universe loves to hate, and many believe that only a Reigns heel turn can boost his popularity. To be fair, a Reigns heel turn would be epic, especially if AJ Styles heads to Monday Night Raw as part of McMahon’s “superstar shakeup.

When McMahon used the post-WrestleMania 33 edition of Raw to announce that big changes are coming to the WWE network, he was telling fans that things are about to get interesting.

Does The Undertaker Have A Future Role With The WWE?

It seems clear that the WWE can ill-afford to lose The Undertaker from the network. The flagship Monday Night Raw show has been losing viewers and now runs neck-and-neck with SmackDown Live. McMahon’s superstar shakeup doubtless aims to elevate Raw by moving superstars like AJ Styles to the premium brand. The difficulty has been that while the Raw stars have been performing well, the shows have been repetitive and the storylines weak. Many would argue that those are backstage issues.

The WWE has a history of keeping its biggest stars involved in the organization when their days in the ring come to an end. Shane McMahon, Triple H, Daniel Bryan, and Mick Foley are all superstars who have gone on to management roles in the WWE network. As reported on the WWE website, McMahon used last week’s Raw to announce that WWE legend Kurt Angle will replace Foley as the Monday Night Raw General Manager.

Undertaker Roman Reigns WrestleMania
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Of course, if The Undertaker needs hip surgery, he is likely to need a break from the WWE. However, given the WWE’s record of recruiting former superstars into management positions, it is perhaps easy to see a role for The Undertaker within the organization. Angle and the Taker would make a formidable team on Monday Night Raw.

Of course, some commentators simply refuse to accept that The Undertaker’s wrestling career is over. According to Give Me Sport, former WWE writer Bruce Prichard, who was once The Undertaker’s manager, thinks that The Phenom could still return to the ring.

If that were to happen surely it could only be for The Undertaker vs. John Cena. Many fans would love to see Cena and the Taker split their tie. It doesn’t seem likely that The Undertaker will return, and his WrestleMania 33 exit seemed to mark the end of a chapter in WWE history. The real question must be whether the WWE network can afford not to have The Undertaker take a role in the network. That role could begin with The Undertaker helping Triple H to expand the WWE in Europe and elsewhere.

While The Undertaker’s time in the squared-circle may be at an end, don’t bet against The Deadman having a major role to play in the WWE’s long-term future.

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