‘The Walking Dead’ With Norman Reedus: Seven Season 7 Takeaways Featuring Daryl Dixon [Videos] [Opinion]

The Walking Dead Season 7 wasn’t what most viewers wanted from their favorite zombie apocalypse show. Still, there were certain events that will be forever etched in their minds. Norman Reedus was certainly in most of them.

Did Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Cause Negan to Kill Glenn?

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead found Glenn’s death especially hard to deal, not that the viewers had an easy time with that either. Negan said the only reason he smashed Glenn’s brains out with that awful bat Lucille was because Daryl tried to fight back. Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on The Walking Dead, plainly told Entertainment Weekly “No,” it’s not Dixon’s fault.

“I think Daryl is a character that will blame himself. I think that’s enough for him. Even if it’s not real or even if it’s not accurate or fair, I think he would shoulder that type of burden. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with that and I’m sure Norman will crush it.”

Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan of the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus certainly did “crush it” and Daryl Dixon has been crushing things ever since, starting with Fat Joey’s head, but more on that later.

Norman Reedus Says He’s Still Daryl

Perhaps Norman Reedus’ most powerful line of The Walking Dead Season 7, is when Negan asks him expectantly “Who are you?” Daryl doesn’t even respond for a moment.

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon had not responded to anything that has happened since being brought to the room where Negan plans to make Dixon an offer. Negan had handed him a glass of water. It’s obvious Daryl would be thirsty, but he doesn’t drink, even when a straw is provided. Norman Reedus is portraying Dixon’s resolve. Still, Negan asks again,”Who are you?”

Does Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead, actually think Dixon would be broken so easily? Is Norman Reedus supposed to say, “I’m Negan?” No way. Negan has just proved he has no idea who he is dealing with.

Norman Reedus keeps his face expressionless. There is no fear, no false bravado as Dixon replies, “Daryl.”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead is an amazingly inspirational character, showing how to be defiant in the face of oppression.

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Kills Fat Joey With A Pipe

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon didn’t have to kill Joey or did he? While Joey had his hands up, what was to keep him from reporting Daryl’s escape as soon as he left? He did have to kill Joey in order to have time to make a clean get away.

Still, Fat Joey was working on a beneficial project as Comic Book points out. Joey was spearheading a project to keep that herd of walkers away from the survivor communities with a “redirect,” of explosives and barriers.

“Fat Joey was the mind behind the ‘redirect’, and that he was using a trail of trip-wires and RPGs to alter the course of the herd, and keep them away from everyone.”

Daryl And Rick Reunited With A Hug on The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln shared a heartfelt hug when reunited on the set of The Walking Dead. Much has been made of the moment when Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes embraced.

The Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln hug looked so genuine because it was. The affection and relief were completely believable, because not only had Daryl been kept away from the rest of The Walking Dead characters, but Norman Reedus had been kept away from the rest of the cast. Norman had missed them.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln both hated making Season 7A because the cast was split up. For more on why Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln hated doing Season 7A see this from the Inquisitr.

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Lies To Carol

Melissa McBride is Carol of The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus has a very close friendship with Melissa McBride both on camera and off. The emotional reunion between them was heartfelt and not just as characters on a TV show. Daryl and Carol aren’t lovers, but there is a strong bond between them.

The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon would never have lied to Carol unless he thought the truth would do her real harm. That was the case with Daryl’s white lie.

Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly the lie was to protect Carol.

“Because she needs to hear that. She’s going through her own thing and there’s a reason why she separated herself and doesn’t want to be a killer anymore. And she’s losing herself, and I think Daryl realizes that. It’s a very selfless act. He tells her what she needs to hear to keep going. He does it for her.”

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus’ As Daryl Beats Up Richard

Norman Reedus described beating up Richard to protect Carol. Reedus told Entertainment Weekly how much he enjoyed the fight scene. Reedus didn’t say Daryl enjoyed it either. Apparently, Norman himself needed to take out some frustration.

“Yeah, I punched that guy like 50 times! I don’t know how many they left in there, but I beat him up for, like, a good 10 minutes. I was hoping for the full 10 minutes, but I don’t know how much made it.”

Daryl Dixon Confronts Dwight On The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus’ most cinematically beautiful moment on The Walking Dead ever, came when he pinned Dwight to the wall and held a knife to his eye. It was an absolutely gorgeous moment that showed who Daryl Dixon really is.

There is no doubt that Norman Reedus’ Daryl would have driven that knife through Dwight’s head, without a second thought, if that had been for the best, but Dixon intuitively knew, it wasn’t. Dwight was far more useful alive.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus provided a powerful example of fighting back against the odds in Season 7. Norman Reedus used his character Daryl Dixon in a powerful way. As hard as it was for viewers to watch Dixon being abused. Daryl Dixon survived, escaped, and lived on to fight back.


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Only one character on The Walking Dead showed the kind of courage Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon is known for. Sasha’s sacrifice has to be the single most selfless act of total defiance to date. Best of luck to Sonequa Martin-Green on her new Star Trek role.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus once again portrayed Daryl Dixon as an example of survival under the worst of circumstances.

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