Michelle Obama Has Irons In the Fire, But They’re Not For Her Hair [Opinion]

A Google News search on Michelle Obama will bring you thousands of references to her hair. Ever since a picture of Michelle with her hair tied back surfaced online last week, it’s been all about the former first lady’s hair. She even has an anniversary date from the time she let her hair go natural, which is back in “09,” according to the Atlanta Black Star.

What seems to be considered one of Michelle’s greatest accomplishments of late – her hair, is now overshadowing the other things Michelle is planning to do with her life since vacating the White House. She is penning a book, and no it is not about her hair. She is also slated for public speaking, and while she’ll have her hair there with her, she’s not expected to make it the subject of her speech.

If Michelle Obama actually wore her hair like the photoshopped version seen below in a post, then there’s room for some extra tweets and comments. This picture actually did spark a frenzy a few months back when it was dubbed Michelle’s “natural hair.”

Both the former first lady and her husband, Barack Obama, have book deals in the wind. The Democrats seem to be really big on writing books after the fact of a life-changing event. Look at Hillary, she has also promised another penned piece of work explaining why she lost the election. It is probably safe to say people would rather read a novel about Michelle’s hair rather than another skewed perception of why the only woman candidate lost the election, according to Hillary.

As far as Michelle Obama goes, according to the Christian Post, she is working on a post-White House book while “looking after her children.” Looking after one of her kids is probably more like it, as Malia, her oldest daughter, is in NYC for an internship before entering Harvard next year. She’s not looking after her, as the girl is on her own.

Malia, who is only 18, has given Michelle and Barack Obama a run for their money since hitting her late teens. She’s made headlines again recently after a row with a journalist while in a 21 and over bar. The story is referred to in the tweet below. Michelle is still too far away in Washington to be keeping an eye on Malia, but she is an adult, or so the law says, now that she is 18.

Still, Michelle is working on a book at the same time her husband is penning a book. According to Vanity Fair, both husband and wife have been given a $65 million book deal for each of them to pen their own books with the Crown Publishing Group a division of Penguin Random House.

The plan was for Obama to write his book while away on an island, a private one that was once owned by Marlon Brando, while Michelle stayed back at their new rented home in D.C. and work on her book. At the same time, she’d be getting Malia ready for college and Sasha ready for her sophomore year in high school, according to Vanity Fair.

Besides Michelle buying some school clothes and sending her youngest daughter out the door daily with lunch money, there’s not much to get ready for a high school kid. Getting Malia ready for dorm life shouldn’t be too hard, as she will have already lived away from home, so dedicating the next several months getting her kids ready for the next school year sounds rather simple.

Later this month, Michelle and her hair are appearing at a conference, where she will be the keynote speaker. According to the Tampa Bay News, “Mrs. Obama will have a “conversation” at a conference sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.” The group’s website notes that Michelle will appear on April 27 at the Orange County Convention Center, but there are no other details about the appearance was included on the site.

One thing is for sure as Michelle pens her book and as she has that “conversation” with the American Institute of Architects, that famous hair of hers will be along for the ride!

[Featured Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]