Steve Bannon White House Removal Seems Likely, Could Cause ‘Open-Warfare’ On Trump? [Opinion]

White House Chief Strategist to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, was removed from his role on the National Security Council, but he could be fully removed from his staff role as well, but this seems to be a major risk for Trump. Trump recently sent a bomb into Syria to wipe out chemical weapons, and with that people had many questions. This went against his original stance, and people want to know why he changed his mind. They also want to know who advised such a move.

Steve Bannon as been the top staff adviser for some time now with Trump doing a ton of things Bannon suggested since going into office. Bannon has always been unpopular among Americans due to his alt-right views and terrible problem working with people. However, he was against going into the Middle East and pretty much pushed this agenda through Trump during the campaign. Despite this, Bannon has been an issue in his role for months.

Take his conversation with the House Freedom Caucus for proof in that. Now, there are many wondering if there is a major shake-up happening in the Trump administration. It looks like there very could be one with Bannon out. Many originally saw the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council as something being done just for a certain reason revolving around Flynn. However, Americans did not buy the excuse that was being sold to them.

Bannon and Trump
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Steve Bannon was removed from the role, and then Trump went into Syria, something he assured he would not do. It clearly made people wonder if Bannon is still advising Trump and if the rumored shake-up could include removing Bannon from the administration. This does seem to be a big risk for President Trump, however. This was discussed on MSNBC’s AM Joy with host Joy Reid. She spoke with former Breitbart executive Kurt Bardella.

Kurt claimed that if Steve Bannon was fired from his role, it could lead to an “open-warfare” on President Trump, which could open the floodgates for Trump to get a taste of what Hilary Clinton had to deal with during the Presidential election. Kurt seems to be referring to how Clinton was attacked by the alt-right and how reports kept flowing out about her, true or not, which led to people deciding against her. He told Joy Reid the following.

“If Bannon is pushed out it will be open warfare from the outside in. And all of the sudden the pages of Breitbart, who have been incredibly generous to Donald Trump to say the least, will start turning their fire on him or, at the very least, assign blame saying Trump betrayed the conservative right because of Jared Kushner and liberal Democrats inside the White House have turned them against us. They’re concerned they are about to lose their link to the West Wing and direct access to the president through Steve Bannon. Clearly Steve is under siege right now. The fact that so many on the conservative right so forcefully came out against the actions of the president and strikes in Syria just tells you how much trouble Steve actually really is in. But they are really going out there publicly, hammering Jared Kushner-aligned strategies because they see Steve could be in jeopardy and could be asked to leave at some point in the near future.”

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This very well could be a terrible thing for President Trump. While most people know Breitbart is an alt-right site where racial, sexist, and bigoted opinions have been posted for some time…it would now have a bit of credibility. The reason is pretty simple. Steve Bannon headed up the site before joining up with Trump, so he still has the ability to use the site against the President. This time, he has inner knowledge of the current White House administration that cannot be denied.

Since Bannon worked in the administration with a high role in even the National Security sector, he knows a lot of things about the country and certainly the administration itself. While some would ignore the site due to what is known about it as of now, it would be the center of attention and knowledge on the inner-Trump workings if Bannon was removed. If not just for the mere fact that people know Bannon learned key information.

Bannon is certainly looking to more and more on the outs, and it has a lot to do with the Trump approval rating according to many. Trump wants to be loved, and always hates when people go after him and even has to play the blame game to get unwanted attention away from him. Many close to him even feel things suddenly changed with him the moment he ran for office compared to who he was before. Many think Steve Bannon is the cause of much of this.

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Without things working out the way he wanted, Trump is willing to shake things up, it seems. His removal from the NSC was not the only issue for Bannon. He also seemed to have a huge difference of opinion with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. The two have not been on the same page for some time, but a recent meeting had to be done to try and squash the problems between the two, and it didn’t go well.

While CNN claims that no one is on their way out as of now, many think Trump is considering all avenues. All of the problems really began for Trump during then right after the GOP healthcare failure. It seemed everywhere you turned, something else was going on involving healthcare and although both Trump and Bannon tried to force the bill through, it did not work. Trump’s approval rating then took another dive afterward.

This is all of course in addition to the Russian allegations Trump is going against every week. Trump is clearly not a happy man and may feel like Bannon is the cause of much of the issues he is facing. If that is ultimately the way he feels, he will remove Steve from his role at the White House. The question is, what will go down if Trump does go through with such an action?

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