Sean Hannity Tweet Re-Purposed To Slam Trump After Omitting ‘Obama’ In 2013? [Opinion]

Sean Hannity from the Fox News team is one of the most pro-Trump entities on TV news. Hannity always has some supportive words regarding Trump throughout his reports on the president. With Hannity being one of Trump’s top supporters, you can only imagine the confusion for folks when it appeared that he recently jumped ship by calling the president “arrogant” in a tweet.

A tweet that was posted online did originate from Sean Hannity, the same Sean Hannity from Fox News. While this tweet did call the president “arrogant” and it also condemned the president for playing golf on taxpayers dollars, it never mentioned just what president Hannity was referring to.

Hannity’s tweet is seen below.


Hannity’s tweet seems to target the president’s timing for hitting the golf course once the news of the Syrian gas attacks flooded the headlines. This tweet from Hannity’s Twitter page appeared online for the second time just after the Syrian gas attack was reported and before it was announced that Trump took military action with the strike at the Syrian airfield.

While Hannity’s tweet seems to mirror the events of today, it was actually referring to Obama back in 2013, who was under very similar circumstances, but he failed to act on it. The time stamp on this tweet is 2013, but unless you took the time to look, you walked away thinking Hannity was tweeting about the president today.

As the post below suggests, if only he wrote the word “Obama” in that tweet, this wouldn’t be an issue today.

Hannity took to Twitter to make sure this was clarified after someone on the “left” posted this tweet from 2013, reports Newser.


Hannity’s tweet about President Obama back in 2013 came back to haunt him big time. Some social media users weren’t very kind about an observation he made about Obama several years ago and offered up their thoughts on how it seems to apply today to President Trump. Here are a few of the comments that appeared across the social media sites about Hannity’s tweet.

“Wait till 2013 Hannity meets 2017 version,” wrote one Twitter user.

“This Hannity tweet from 2013 gets the Syrian equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize for its prescience,” suggested another social media post.

“This Hannity tweet from 2013 is so good it should be enlarged, printed on a 10′ by 10′ canvas, and hung in a museum,” was yet another post that slammed Hannity and his old tweet.

Hannity has been accused of being over-the-top with his support for Trump, so the last thing anyone would expect coming from him is a tweet with a disparaging message about the president — President Trump that is. Back in September, Hannity was accused of overstepping the boundaries of his position with his biased reporting on Trump, according to the Christian Science Monitor in an article from back then.

Hannity appeared for 30-seconds in a pro-Trump ad during the campaign. That ran for eight minutes and it was titled “#HEARTLAND4TRUMP,” which was uploaded to Trump’s YouTube channel. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many. How can a journalist claim he is fair and balanced when appearing as a major supporter of one candidate in a campaign ad? This is what people asked after seeing Hannity in that commercial.

His tweet from 2013 was posted online by someone apparently making an attempt to rattle Hannity’s cage over his support for Trump. You have to admit that the tweet did fit with the current events, as it mentions the president and Syria. It just neglected to mention which president. If only Hannity had included the name “Obama” back then, this would not be an issue today. Who knew that what Obama was doing, or not doing, in 2013, would somehow mirror events years later with Trump in office?

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