Hillary Clinton Gives Her Two Cents On Trump’s Order To Attack Syria Airbase [Opinion]

As if we didn’t already know that Hillary Clinton has a completely different idea as to where our country should be headed, she gives her two cents on Trump’s order to attack Syria.

Hillary Clinton has kept a low profile since losing the presidential election in November, but she decided to come out of the closet in order to express her opinions on Trump’s missile attack on Syria, CBS News reports.


As many others are saying, Hillary in her own words called President Trump a hypocrite for enforcing laws against illegal immigrants but helping Syria after they endured a chemical attack that killed several people, including women and children. WCVB 5 revealed one of Hillary’s sassy remarks.

“I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is most strategic and consistent with our values, and I also hope that they will recognize that we cannot in breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America’s borders.”

Without directly speaking Trump’s name, she made an obvious attempt to attack him and his administration. During her speech, she expressed that politics matter, and the person we choose to lead our country matters.

“The leaders we choose matter. The role the United States plays in the world matters.”

As expected, Hillary has a completely different outlook on the attack in Syria than President Trump does, and she made it very obvious in her speech that she did not agree with the actions taken by our president.

“As I said yesterday afternoon it is essential that the world does more to deter Assad from committing future murderous atrocities. But the action taken last night needs to be followed by a broader strategy to end Syria’s civil war and to eliminate ISIS strongholds on both sides of the border so I hope this administration will move forward in a way that is both strategic and consistent with our values.”

Throughout her speech, she made comments that made the crowd, heavily filled with Democratic women, laugh.

Hillary Clinton voices her opinion on Trump's decision to attack Syria.
[Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

“Just turn off the TV. That’s my advice for the short term. Just gets you agitated and upset.”

Hillary told the New York Times that as a person, she is okay, but as an American, she is “pretty worried.” Hillary spoke at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit and she made excuses as to why she likely lost the presidential election.

According to Hillary, she blames “misogyny” on playing a role in her presidential loss. She revealed that science proves that men who are more successful or ambitious are more likable and that women in the same aspect are less likable.

She took it one step further and specifically stated that Trump as president was questionable to some people, but had them consider him more simply because he “looks like someone who has been President before.”

On top of everything else, Hillary emphasized that the Trump administration was committed to “hurt so many people,” referring to Trump’s latest decision to bomb a Syrian airbase.

Of course, she had to go off with a bang, comparing the Russian election hacking to the Watergate scandal, stating that it was “a more effective theft even than Watergate.”

Even though Hillary clearly did not support Trump’s decision to bomb the airbase in Syria, a writer for the New York Times actually supported our president’s decision. For a media site that typically bashes everything about President Trump, this article certainly took me by surprise.

“I’m deeply suspicious of Trump’s policies and competence, but this is a case where he is right and Barack Obama was wrong.”

It certainly can be difficult for people to admit that Trump is doing something right when they have been against every single thing that he has brought to the table so far, but you will not see Hillary giving in anytime soon.

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