Hillary Regurgitating Election Loss Woes In Book – Licking Wounds 101 In Fantasy Section? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is penning a book as another form of rehashing her perception on what went wrong in the 2016 election. If Hillary really believes the excuses she spewed forth in a recent interview on losing the election, then what she will write on those pages of her new book will fall under the category of fantasy.

As Emily Jashinsky from the Washington Examiner writes, “Hillary Clinton’s book plan proves she still doesn’t get it.” While she is planning on pointing fingers at James Comey and WikiLeaks, there’s no word yet if she will even mention the role that the discovery of her private, tucked-away server played in her election loss.

Believe it or not, some of her followers are all hyped up about her new endeavor, but all she is doing is using this venue as a different form for licking her wounds. Hillary has already promised that her book will “spend a lot of time” pinpointing the role that misogyny played in her election loss, according to the Washington Examiner. But according to many of the posts and tweets across the social media sites, this new book of Hillary’s may very well be one “that won’t sell.” This is mirrored in the Facebook post below.

She will need to spend a lot of time on that misogyny chapter, as this was far from the biggest culprit when it comes to her loss. After that loss, we saw Hillary wallow in the woods up near her home. She emerged for one of her first very public appearances, which was Trump’s inauguration.

Hillary walked into the crowd looking straight ahead with a stone-cold facial expression. She was there only because it had to be that way. The last thing Hillary wants to be known as is a poor sport, and it looks as though she’s about to tell you that in a book.

Instead of presenting herself as a woman scorned immediately after her ill-fated run for office, she’s given it a few months. Now she will let her pen do the whining on the pages of a book. Fox and Friends Weekend on Saturday morning had a field day with an interactive viewer segment on the “Top Ten Titles for Hillary’s Book.”

The top 10 titles were hysterical and all leaning toward some level of negativity. The Fox and Friends Weekend viewers tweeted in their sarcastic titles for Hillary’s new book with the number one spot going to a very simple one-word title, “Trumped.”

Her new book is slated to be released in September by Simon & Schuster, but if you can’t wait to read about what went wrong, you can always gravitate to The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, which is a book penned by Susan Bordo. In case you are wondering what angle Bordo takes with her book as far as having empathy or not for Hillary, one sentence within the first few paragraphs should clear that up for you.

According to the New Republic in an article titled “The Deification of Hillary Clinton,” Bordo’s words in her opening paragraphs should clue you in to which way this book is leaning. Bordo writes about Hillary Clinton as “the most qualified candidate in history” and that she “should have won.” There you have it, you can be assured this is a pro-Hillary piece of work.

According to the New Republic article, Bordo attempts to “absolve Clinton for her loss to Donald Trump.” To do so Bordo “presents a raft of justifications: James Comey, Wikileaks, conservatives, Bernie Sanders, and dumb young people.” It sounds as if you can expect the same from Hillary’s up-and-coming book of whining. It’s probably a safe bet to say, don’t expect to see Hillary shoulder an ounce of blame for her loss to Trump.

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