Does Donald Trump’s Approval Of Syrian Missile Strikes Mark A Step Towards World War 3? [Opinion]

Even Donald Trump’s biggest supporters would agree that, Trump’s first 100 days in office have been anything like the honeymoon period they would have hoped for. President Trump’s detractors however, would have to concede that Trump is certainly trying to prove that he is a man of his word. Since taking office in January, the Trump administration has been beset by controversy. Trump’s attempt to repeal “Obamacare” failed because the measures did not find enough support within his own party. Trump has had to fire senior members of his administration, and others have resigned.

President Trump also lost a series of court cases, brought about by his Executive Order instituting a travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Members of the Trump administration were believed to have had illegal contact with Russian officials prior to his taking office. The alleged Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election has been haunting Trump. The Democrats have made every effort to paint Donald Trump as a “Russian puppet.” The Democrats premise has been a simple one. Some claim that Russian President, Vladimir Putin has a dossier on Trump, that contains information so damaging that Putin has a hold on Trump.

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Of course, that theory was severely tested earlier this week, when Trump authorized missile strikes against a Syrian air base. President Trump’s approval of the mission to destroy the Assad regimes aircraft infuriated the Russian president. Russia is of course the Syrian regimes only ally of real consequence. Newsweek reported that Trump’s approval of a direct attack on Syrian forces, in retaliation for a chemical attack against civilians, is sure to boost his historically low approval ratings.

If the Syrian attack does result in a boost to President Trump’s approval rating, he will perhaps reflect on the fact that his biggest public success to date was as the result of a foreign policy decision. CNBC argues that the Syrian strikes don’t just boost Trump’s approval ratings, they “yanked the Russia card right out of the Democrats hands.” After all its pretty difficult to accuse a man, who just bombed one of Russia’s closest allies, of being a Russian puppet.

Does Trump’s Action In Syria Take Us Closer To War With Russia And World War 3?

When Donald Trump came to office he surprised many when he indicated the desire for closer links to Moscow. The final months of the Obama administration saw tensions between Russia and the U.S. ramped up to levels not seen since the Cuban missile crisis. Trump’s willingness to defuse those tensions was seen by some as further evidence of collusion with Russia. By standing up to Russia, by attacking Syria, Donald Trump showed that Russia would not be allowed to dictate U.S. foreign policy.

Of course, taking military action on foreign soil will always be controversial, but UK broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph reported that, by authorizing the missile strike in Syria “Donald Trump achieved more progress in Syria with one move, than Barack Obama achieved in six-years.”

“Between them, Obama and the United Nations failed repeatedly to stop Assad’s daily slaughter of the Syrian people.”

“In breaking the tragic cycle of atrocities followed by empty rhetoric, Trump, the most unlikely of candidates, has stepped into that void of leadership.”


That is not to say that Trump’s approval of the Syrian attack was universally praised. We have seen hundreds of news reports claiming that Trumps actions are ill-advised, reckless and that they have taken us to the brink of World War 3.

Trump Russia Syria
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 07: Demonstrators gather outside the White House to protest the recent U.S. missile strike in Syria April 7, 2017 in Washington, DC. The United States has launched a missile strike in Syria after reports that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allegedly used nerve agent sarin gas in a recent attack in his own country. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

For example, the Mirror claimed that “World War 3 just got more likely as Trump lights the Syrian powder keg.” Meanwhile UK tabloid the Sun claimed that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un “declares he’s on ‘the brink of a war‘ with the U.S. as Donald Trump is urged to assassinate the North Korean despot.”

Whatever our personal views on Donald Trump, and on his actions in Syria, the famous Doomsday Clock stands at two and a half minutes to midnight. The Doomsday Clock is an indicator of how close humanity is to a global catastrophe, and it stands at the closest point to midnight since the height of the Cold War. The Doomsday Clock has not been adjusted to take account of the heightened tensions with Russia over Syria. One thing is for sure, it isn’t likely to move backwards at present.

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