Johnny Depp: 12 Spectacular Qualities That Make The Jack Sparrow Actor Unique [Opinion]

Johnny Depp has captured the imaginations of millions of fans for a variety of different reasons, and while not all of them center around Jack Sparrow, the role certainly added another dimension to the public perception of this great actor and musician. Here are 12 good reason Marilyn Manson’s oldest and dearest friend is incredibly special.

1. The genius behind creating Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp is a creative genius when it comes to developing and portraying characters. Each role is carefully researched for months. The multi-talented actor and musician spent months with Hunter S. Thompson and sought out The Rolling Stones musician Keith Richards to research the role of Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp explained to The Rolling Stone his reasoning in selecting Keith Richards to emulate for his Jack Sparrow role.

“I always thought of pirates being the rock stars of the eighteenth century. With both, the myth arrives before them. The word comes around the bend months before they arrive.”

2. Johnny Depp won Sexiest Man Alive Twice

Depp’s replication of a Keith Richards persona guaranteed Jack Sparrow’s place as the ultimate sex symbol, and won the actor People‘s Sexiest Man Alive award, not once but twice. Jack Sparrow exudes the sexy rock star image, and his eyes are amazing.

3. Johnny Depp has a vast collection of amazing friends including Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper

Depp fits in comfortably with other creative genius personalities. Not only that, but he also has a way of creating genuine and enduring friendships with people like the late Hunter S. Thompson and controversial rock stars like Marilyn Manson, Patti Smith, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Keith Richards.

4 Johnny Depp is multi-talented

Marilyn Manson’s best friend isn’t just a brilliant actor who portrays Jack Sparrow with swagger, but he’s also an incredible guitarist with a whole lot of passion for both acting and music. When Depp first went on the road with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry as Hollywood Vampires, few knew he was a serious musician and one-time friendly competitor of Marilyn Manson.

Depp started his career in a rival band in the same Jacksonville, Florida, circuit as Marilyn Manson.

5. Johnny Depp is an intellectual

Johnny Depp grew up in Kentucky and later in Florida in a very ordinary middle-class family. Johnny had few financial advantages and dropped out of high school at 16 to pursue a career in music. There is nothing in this brilliant actor and musician’s background that would indicate he would have the potential to make over $400 million, much less attract the company of other brilliantly gifted individuals.

The Jack Sparrow actor, who also brought movie fans the Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, and Edward Scissorhands, managed to befriend some of the most brilliant intellectuals of our time. The Hollywood Vampires guitarist is well informed, quick witted, and more than capable of conversing about a wide variety of complex topics.

Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper Johnny Depp and Joe Perry show their matching rings

6 and 7. Johnny Depp has exquisite taste and is also handy with a hammer

Depp has an amazing grasp of elegance. The actor owns 14 homes, a few of which he renovated and decorated himself. His real estate investments include the restoration of his French village, often mocked by those who have no idea that he saved this historic treasure, and he also did some of the extensive renovations himself and managed his own interior decorating.

Johnny Depp lived in this home for years with Vanessa Paradis, in simplicity and elegance, keeping wine cellars and cultivating gardens. This is where his children grew up according to ET Online.

8. Johnny Depp is rare and exquisite

The Jack Sparrow actor is a rare bird. Even his blood type is rare. Read more about Johnny Depp’s rare blood type that is often associated with genius on the Inquisitr. Due to his rare blood type, that Jack Sparrow face, Scissorhands soul, and all that brilliant talent cannot be cloned. Of course one hardly has to resort to biochemistry to see that Depp is unusually brilliant, handsome, and charismatic.

9. Johnny Depp is kind, sincere, generous, and a loyal friend.

Depp was recently ridiculed in the media when his financial management company decided to leak Johnny’s private financial business all over the internet. While the information was meant to disgrace the actor, what kind of people would not see the generosity and kindness behind making loans to individuals who could not pay him back, or spending extravagantly on a dear friend’s funeral, or giving money to that friend’s widow.

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp

10. Johnny Depp fights injustice

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson went to extreme measures for three strangers, wrongfully imprisoned for a murder they did not commit. Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson didn’t even know Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskellery Jr. before the two musicians decided to get involved.

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson not only managed to get the three boys released but spent time helping them reintegrate into society. According to the Inquisitr, Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson made three new friends in the process. The Hollywood Vampires guitarist even gave Echols guitar lessons.

12. Johnny Depp cares about kids

Johnny Depp frequently visits children’s hospital wards as Jack Sparrow, but recently the Pirates of the Caribbean actor took it a step further, partnering with Make a Film Foundation to help bring 16-year-old Anthony Conti’s vision to life, in the movie Black Ghiandola. Anthony suffers from stage four adrenal cortical cancer, so the Jack Sparrow actor agreed to be bitten by a zombie in the film according to PR Newswire. The film is now available on Netflix.


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Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and musician admired by millions, and there are at least a dozen reasons for that.

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