5 Reasons NBC’s ‘Powerless’ Will Not Be Renewed [Opinion]

Fans of NBC’s Powerless will reluctantly have to agree that Season 2 is looking more and more unlikely. The network has completely messed things up, making it hard to gain a following for a superhero parody that had potential. Mix that in with the show not quite being what it promised, and there’s no denying that the show will find it hard to get renewed.

For those who are still in doubt, Hypable already shared why Powerless was doomed last month. Here are five more reasons Powerless Season 2 isn’t going to happen.

#1. NBC Postponed a Week at the Last Minute

Having a one-week break here and there isn’t a bad sign for a show. There are plenty of popular dramas that do this regularly. Just look at NCIS when it took an unexpected week off in November, but still gained renewal. ABC postponed the return of Grey’s Anatomy after the winter finale in January by a week at the last minute, angering fans. That hasn’t stopped the Thursday night medical drama from getting renewed.


In fact, a planned week off gives fans warning. NBC’s Powerless didn’t have just a planned one week off, though. There was a planned week and then an unexpected week off the next week. Just an hour before its scheduled programming, fans learned that it wouldn’t be on. Some didn’t find out until at the show’s scheduled time when Trial & Error aired instead.


Having an unexpected week off makes fans think that the network doesn’t support the show. Luckily, the uproar on Twitter may have helped NBC realize that there is a fanbase and Powerless returned the next week. However, it looks like the network skipped an episode to play catch-up with the missed week, meaning that it doesn’t respect the current audience enough to offer an extra week for its own choices.

#2. The Show Really Isn’t That Great

There are some comedic moments. Jackie has some of the best lines and Van isn’t completely useless. However, the characters are monotonous and stereotypical. It’s easy to guess their actions well before they do them.

Last week is just one example. Emily signs her and Jackie up for self-defense classes at lunchtime, only for Jackie not to show up. She makes up some lie and Emily works to raise money needed, without realizing initially that she’s being lied to. There’s no surprise element to make funny moments hilarious.

#3. The Comedy Is from One-Liners

There are some excellent one-liners. As said, Jackie has some of the best and Van and Ron have brilliant moments. The problem is all the comedy is from one-liners. While a lot of other shows do this, there are also whole scenes that have people laughing constantly. Powerless has failed with that so far.

If the show wants to succeed, it needs to draw people in constantly. It needs to stand out from all the rest.


#4. There’s No Originality

Not only are the main characters stereotypical, but so are all the storylines. This is a show that had huge promise. It was the only one of its kind, putting a workplace storyline within a superhero world. Unfortunately, the show hasn’t really utilized the superhero (or supervillain) aspect as much as it could, and the workplace drama is pretty simplistic and guessable.

What doesn’t help the show is being stuck in the office constantly. There are just a handful of scenes outside, and usually just outside the doors of the office or on the office’s balcony. More variety will help to create unique situations for the characters and overall storylines.


There are times that it’s like watching a teen comedy on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, rather than watching a grown up show on NBC. Powerless may have succeeded better on a network like the CW.

#5. ‘Powerless’ Season 1 Premiere Didn’t Have Good Numbers

The ratings haven’t been that good for NBC’s Powerless. That may not be a huge problem initially, since the network expected good digital ratings. However, the digital ratings haven’t been as good as hoped. This doesn’t mean an instant cancellation, but it doesn’t look good.

Regardless, live ratings still need to be good. There’s also no indication of international or DVD ratings, yet. These could help to save the show, but it’s unlikely that an international audience will take to Powerless as much as it has to other shows on the network. The ratings have ticked up this week, but it may be too little too late.


Things are not looking good for NBC’s Powerless. There are high chances that the show will not be renewed for Season 2, unless something drastic happens. If you want it to survive, tune into Powerless Season 1 on Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC.

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