Hillary Praised For Trump’s Syria Air Strike And People Are Buying This? [Opinion]

It looks like Hillary Clinton and her camp just can’t let go of their lost election. As you scroll through the headlines today you are bound to find some jaw-dropping words giving credit to Hillary Clinton for having the idea to strike the Syrian airfield. These headlines are leaving Trump almost completely out of the equation. “Hillary Clinton called for military strikes on Syrian airfields hours before Trump took action.” There’s plenty more where that came from with even one headline asking if the strike was Hillary’s idea.

Do these reports on Hillary calling for an air strike have a purpose? Are they entertaining the idea that Trump got this strategy from his past opponent? Or are these headlines suggesting that Hillary would have done the same, except sooner? Either way, these numerous headlines don’t offer any credit to the president who made this decision and acted on it. Hillary came from an administration where lines were drawn in the sand and once crossed, no one did a thing. Now suddenly today she makes this strong stand.

Towleroad News reports that “Hillary Clinton called for military strikes on Syrian airfields hours before Trump took action.” They also offer up a clip of Hillary saying something to that effect while delivering a speech to the Women in the World Summit on Thursday. Clinton did address this hours before it actually happened, but she’d be the last person Trump would take his cue from. There are several headlines that seem to be giving Hillary the credit for suggesting this before Trump actually ordered the air strike. Express News asks in their headline, “Was Trump’s Syria attack Hillary Clinton’s Idea?”

Donald Trump sent 59 Tomahawk missiles to the Shayrat Air Base near the city of Homs in Syria. He spoke via a recorded feed last night about the strike and unlike his predecessors, Trump didn’t broadcast his intent beforehand. The world heard about it after it happened, leaving no chance for a warning to make it to the Syrian airfield first. Could it be that Hillary got wind of the pending air strike from some of her steadfast followers still embedded in the various departments in Washington? If she had, she was dealt the perfect hand to play. This let her announce her thoughts just before the world knew they were Trump’s intentions.

Hillary said in that speech,

“Assad had an air force and that air force is the cause of most of the civilian deaths as we’ve seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days. And I really believe we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.”

ABC News reports that “Ahead of the attack, Hillary Clinton called for strikes against Syrian airfields,” in their headlines today. Reuters reports, “Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to bomb Syrian airfields,” in their headline reporting on the strike. Hillary may have mentioned this, but it was Trump who put it in place and ordered the strike on the airfield. It was the same airfield from where the missiles were launched that contained the sarin gas that killed and injured people in Syria.

CNN News, the news station that Trump dubbed the “Clinton News Network,” also praised Hillary for “calling” for the strikes on Syrian air fields, as seen in the Facebook post below. It is almost as if Trump had nothing to do with this. Apparently some people want to believe that this would have been done at an earlier date if Hillary were in the White House. There doesn’t seem to be too much mention that Hillary’s past running mate was dead against this.

According to Washington’s Top News, “Senator Kaine slams strike against Syria,” and he says it will start a war. So if Hillary were in the White House today, she and her vice president would have been at odds, even heated odds, over the air strike. This is not the same for Trump, as those around him, including Pence, support his action in Syria.

It sounds as if Hillary had a bit of fantasy role-playing gig going at the Women in the World Summit in NYC this week. It is almost as if she got to play president for the afternoon at the event. She was introduced by Sam Bee, who said, “I should be lauding Hillary for making time to be here despite her busy schedule as president.” Later on when Bee was more planted in reality, she said, “I’m only gonna say this once, though you deserve to hear it 100 times. It should have been you.”

The Huffington Post‘s headline said, “Sam Bee to Hillary Clinton: ‘It should have been you.'”

Hillary Clinton recently offered up her perception of why she lost the election, and surprise, surprise, not one of the reasons she gave had to do with anything that she did or didn’t do. She attributed her election loss to FBI Director James Comey’s letter that was sent to Congress with just days left in the campaign announcing she was once again under investigation for her emails. She also blamed WikiLeaks, according to Reuters.

She never mentioned that she got a bit too cocky in her thinking that Trump could never win when the Clinton name was the opposition. She also forgot to say how she neglected to make campaign visits to important states because she was sure they were voting for her with or without a visit.

There were a few other things that she skipped over, but as far as she was concerned it was all external forces at work that turned her campaign into an ill-fated attempt at becoming the 45th president. It was outside forces that blew her chances out of the water for Hillary to be elected the first woman president of this nation in 2017, which was her take on things.

Instead of Hillary realizing that Trump is doing a great job and letting people know that she agrees with Trump’s move in Syria, it is spun into her coming up with the idea first. She never mentioned Trump’s name regarding the air strikes in Syria and she never gave him credit for his strategy of doing so. NO, instead Hillary said it first!

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