Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad: Kendall ‘Very Upset’ And Her Career Might Be In Trouble [Opinion]

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad has caused an uproar among her fans, enemies, and just about everyone else, and now Jenner admits to being “very upset.” Since Kendall’s Pepsi ad first came out and the backlash began, the Jenners and Kardashians have “remained silent,” according to People magazine.

Now, a Kendall Jenner insider spoke to the magazine to explain what’s going on with the star of the ill-fated Pepsi ad and how the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star is coping. Jenner is away from home and the support of the close-knit Kardashian family, but she’s been in constant communication with her mom and sisters as she tries to figure out what to do.

“Everyone is being very supportive and ready to give advice.”

Jenner's Pepsi ad left the model 'very upset' and she's turned to Kris Jenner for help.
Kendall Jenner is leaning on her mom, Kris Jenner, for advice after the Pepsi ad fiasco. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

Jenner didn’t expect controversy when she filmed the Pepsi ad. She probably didn’t pay much attention to the script or the background. Kendall loves being a model and was excited to get the Pepsi ad gig. It was a big deal to Jenner, but as a model, she just isn’t used to evaluating scripts. On most of her gigs, it’s enough to look gorgeous, find the right facial expression, and move where she’s told to go.

“She never expected it to receive such backlash.”

Now, the insider says that Kendall feels terrible, although it’s not clear if she feels worse about the tone-deaf and offensive character of the Pepsi ad, or about the effect it may have on her career. The source said that Jenner hopes people understand that she wasn’t involved in the creative process.


To be fair, everyone recognizes that Kendall is young and completely unprepared to deal with the anger and controversy created by her Pepsi ad. Jenner is known in the industry as someone who is committed and dedicated to her modelling career and who just wants to do a good job.

Kendall Jenner's dedication to doing a good job made Kendall a Victoria's Secret angel.
Kendall Jenner arrives at a gallery exhibition for photographer Russell James' new book, Angels, at the Stephan Weiss Studios on Wednesday, September 10, 2014, in New York. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP)

Earlier, as the Pepsi ad blowback unfolded, another Kardashian source insisted that if Kendall Jenner had understood the implications of the video for Black Lives Matter, she would have been mortified. It’s good to know that Jenner might have learned the lesson that it’s always important to understand what she’s doing.


Her face is famous, her family is famous, and they all wield an enormous amount of influence. It’s irresponsible to let that star power be used without knowing exactly what message is going out to millions of fans.

“Anything offensive is just not her. She means well, always.”

Hollywood Life asked the advice of image consultant and reputation expert Eric Schiffer to find out how Kendall’s Pepsi ad can become a lesson for her career instead of the end of her career. Eric said that Jenner should “show authentic regret” for the commercial. She should speak out very soon, and make it clear that she has learned how not to do things. Kendall should share her regrets with the public and show that she understands exactly what was wrong with the ad.


Leaving for Paris just as Pepsi announced they were pulling the commercial wasn’t the best action for Kendall to take, but it’s understandable that the model wanted to get away, and she has work commitments too. The problem is that Kendall hasn’t said anything, and the longer she is silent, the worse the situation becomes for her.

To not speak up is the worst thing Kendall can do right now. Jenner has the good fortune of being an icon for young women, but that privilege comes with some responsibility too. If Kendall Jenner can say what needs to be said after her Pepsi ad fiasco, she’ll make a great career move and show herself to be a maturing, decent human being.


[Featured Image by Kathy Willens/AP Images]