Melania Trump Target Of Vanity Fair Slam? Parents Of Barron’s Classmates Allegedly Chased For Scoop [Opinion]

Is Melania Trump about to become the topic of a “mean-spirited” article? A reporter is asking questions that have led Melania’s friends and acquaintances to believe this is the type of piece on the reporter’s mind. This reporter works for a magazine that has a history of jabbing Donald Trump. This has been the case between Trump and the magazine long before he hit the campaign trail. It now appears Melania could be next in line.

Reports indicate that reporter Evgenia Peretz, who works for Vanity Fair, has literally approached parents at Barron’s school in an attempt to get the scoop on Melania. Peretz reportedly spoke with two mothers of kids who are classmates of Barron’s at the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in NYC.

A source reports that besides the two mothers who talked with Peretz, who comes off as very polite and professional, other mothers “have been running as far away from Peretz as possible.” According to a magazine insider, now there is a third mother who was introduced to the reporter for this story.

It is the type of questions that the reporter has presented to all involved that seems to indicate this piece is not going to paint Melania in a good light. According to a White House insider, “it was clear from the questions Peretz asked others and the fact-checking being done that the story will be ‘mean-spirited.'”

Peretz is the same reporter who claimed back in November that some of the parents of the kids who attend the same school as Barron were “freaking out.” According to New York Post‘s Page Six, Melania herself declined to be interviewed for this article Peretz is attempting to put together.

There has been non-stop criticism aimed at Melania Trump since her husband embarked on a campaign for the White House. Even her recent White House portrait has been verbally pulled apart, hair strand by hair strand, as discussed in the Tampa Bay News.

There is no love lost between Donald Trump and the magazine Vanity Fair. Trump has called the magazine out via a tweet as far back as 2011. In December, a less than stellar review of Trump Grill got Donald Trump’s feathers ruffled and when that happens he takes to Twitter.

The magazine attempted to one-up Trump by claiming it is proud to be the magazine that Trump doesn’t want to read. They put this proclamation on their website, according to The Week.

Vanity Fair used their latest issue as another attempt to lambaste Trump by putting one of his latest critical tweets about them on the magazine’s cover. The full tweet went right on the cover of Vanity Fair for all to see; this time Trump didn’t bother to respond. The tweet below contains that Vanity Fair cover.

The majority of Melania’s friends who were approached by the reporter also declined an interview. The few who did agree did so thinking that this was going to be a nice piece about America’s new first lady and only said nice things about their friend.

One of those friends was Paolo Zampolli, who recorded his entire interview as a safeguard against being misquoted. Paolo, whose agency represented a young Melania when she first arrived in NYC as a model, spoke “glowingly” about the nation’s first lady.

Despite having only nice things to say about Melania, Paolo doesn’t expect the article to paint Melania in a good light. Why is that, you ask? Apparently, so did the person who interviewed Paolo because his answer was, “How can you expect a nice story from Vanity Fair?” Page Six reports that Vanity Fair declined to comment on this topic when approached.

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