Melania Trump And Queen Rania ‘Weird’ Photo Draws Angst Online: Stand By Your Man, Not Behind Him? [Opinion]

Melania Trump and Queen Rania Stand Behind Seated Husbands In Photo Getting Flack Online

Melania Trump and the Queen of Jordan posed for a photo with their husbands, which was recently posted online. Today, that photo has many asking, “What’s wrong with this picture?” That is a question gaining strength across the social media sites after Queen Rania and Melania are seen in a rather nontraditional pose of standing behind their husbands, who are comfortably seated in front of them.

While the Queen of Jordan looks on as Donald Trump speaks, Melania’s expression seems to indicate that she may be a bit uncomfortable with the seating arrangements. Too often people forget that a picture only captures one moment in time, and there could be a million and one reasons for Melania looking so serious at that particular moment.

Yahoo News describes this pose, which was posted online by journalist Yashar Ali, as “the two men sitting in chairs, with their wives standing stiffly behind them.” If the other pictures taken of Melania during her time with the Jordan queen are any indication, then most would agree she appears to be having a good time. Melania is offering up genuine looking smiles in the several other images.

Others online find that both Melania and Queen Rania’s outfits have a soft military look about them. Queen Rania is someone who is considered an international fashion icon, and she’s also said to be an unofficial “Balmain Army” member. The couples met in the Oval Office to discuss the topic of the war going on in Syria and anti-terrorism measures.

Once the meeting ended, they all posed for pictures. Melania then spent some time alone with Queen Rania and the two appeared to hit it off nicely.

Both women were born in the same year. Melania was born on April 26, 1970, and the queen of Jordan was born on August 31, 1970, so for the next few weeks, both women are 46. Melania will be turning 47 at the end of this month.

Not only do both women have their age in common, but they both look equally as spectacular for closing in on 50. After the pictures were taken, Melania and Queen Rania headed away from the Oval Office to have lunch together while their husbands continued on with business.

After taking in some nourishment together, the two women visited the Excel Academy Public Charter School, which is an all-girls institution. They were joined by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Queen Rania is very big on education, which is a very important topic for her.

Queen Rania met with Ivanka Trump earlier in the year to discuss women’s issues. They covered topics that women worldwide could relate to, according to Yahoo News. As the Queen of Jordan, Rania is very active in certain causes, like being an advocate for UNICEF and chairing the United Nation’s Girls’ Education Initiative.

The tweet above mirrors what some are saying online today about another issue, which is both Melania and Queen Rania’s mode of dress. One social media user posted a tweet that referred to their choice of attire as “subtly militaristic.”

When alone without their spouses, the women appeared so much more relaxed. That is in contrast to when Melania and Queen Rania were seen in the pose standing behind their husbands, this caused a flood of comments. Some of those were not very positive.

Besides picking apart the pose of the women standing behind their husbands, the internet went wild for both woman’s styles. Melania Trump’s green outfit just about has everyone in awe over how classy and elegant she looked, according to the Red Conservative.

While the women looked very comfortable once alone, the picture in the Oval Office with Melania and Queen Rania standing behind their husbands was the photo that caught the most flack today online. It might have been an odd pose for the president and first lady of a nation that prides themselves on men and women being treated equally in all things.

Would this picture be called “weird,” and would people be asking what was wrong with it if Trump and the King of Jordan stood behind their wives in a similar pose?

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]