Grandma Urinates On Trump Golf Course: Attention Seeking Granny Calls It ‘Moral Victory’ Over Trump? [Opinion]

A grandmother who urinated on a Trump golf course attempted to get money for damages from Trump International by taking them to small claims court. After getting caught on camera peeing out in public, Carol Rohan Beyts wanted almost $4,000 paid to her.

The 62-year-old claimed that the club’s staff “secretly filmed” her urinating at the Menie Estate Course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. After she had relieved herself in the great outdoors, she went on her merry way. It was four days after the event that she became mortified when police showed up at her front door.

They had the evidence that was captured on the cell phones of three male staff working at the Trump International golf course. It was then that the police charged Beyts with “public urination,” according to Yahoo News. Beyts claimed the staff breached data protection laws with those images that they captured of her peeing, as they did it without her knowing about it at the time.

A greens-keeper, who believed that peeing in public was a criminal act, took pictures of Beyts as she urinated on the course and then handed them over for evidence. Beyts claims that she ducked out of the way of people behind some sand dunes when nature’s call became so urgent that she couldn’t wait any longer.

Beyts said in court, “I couldn’t see anybody, I was convinced of that. I’m not in the habit of urinating when there is anybody in view. I would be horrified. I just squatted down in the dunes.”

She said she was walking the course with a friend, Sue, who stood guard as she answered the call of nature. Beyts claims she made sure no one else was around because she had been photographed once before, reports the Huffington Post.

This time around, Beyts said, “I shouted to Sue something like – I need a private moment.”

Beyts claims that her friend answered her by saying something to the effect of “I’ll carry on and make sure no-one is around.”

The urgency of having to urinate right then and there was explained by this grandmother in court. She claims that at the time of this incident she was being treated for urinary incontinence. That day she had jumped over a burn and she “needed urgently to go to the toilet.”

Beyts gave her spiel in court about the urgency she was under that day, but the lawyer for Trump International pointed out that much of this event seemed to be based on her opposition to the golf course. The lawyers offered up the evidence of Beyts’ social media pages, one of which was called “Trip Up Trump.”

It appears Beyts has a history of opposing this course, starting back with its planning stages. Her concerns centered around the environmental impact of the course. While she’s protested in the past, she’s always stayed within the parameters of the law.

Beyts’ lawyer, Mike Dailly, argued that the photos taken by the staff at the Trump golf course of his client urinating were “captured unlawfully.” The course was not registered under the Data Protection Act.

An Edinburgh sheriff who sat in on this case also said that Beyts should “not have been photographed.” With that said, the sheriff also claimed that the company’s failure to register under the act did not cause the distress that Beyts was attempting to get monetary damages for.

Paul Motion, who represented Trump International in this case, suggested in court that “true basis of the claim has been to publicize opposition to the course.” If that is what Beyts was attempting to do, she got her wish. It is making the headlines across the pond in the U.S. today. As you can see in the Facebook post above from a person claiming to be Carol Rohan Beyts’ niece, this appears more like trying to protest against Trump than it does an urgent nature call.

While Beyts urinated on the golf course last year in April, the case was just recently heard before this small claims court in Scotland, making the news this week. According to the the Times UK, although “she failed in her claim for £3,000, Rohan Beyts, 62, emerged from court claiming a ‘moral victory‘ over the US president.”

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