Kendall Jenner Receives Twitter Backlash After Starring In A New Pepsi Ad [Opinion]

Kendall Jenner received Twitter backlash after starring in a new Pepsi commercial which uses protest imagery. The new ad portrays the growing division between authorities and protesters over the issue in politics, and it seems that Pepsi execs thinks a can of soda can bridge that gap. Well, hooray! That’s the answer we’ve been waiting for all along towards the resolution of world peace. Kendall Jenner ditched her model status quo and casually joined the throng of protesters on the street who were carrying peace signs and cardboards; Jenner weaved through the assembled rally and gave a can of soda to a police officer who happily drank it while the people cheered. The commercial ends with a tagline: “Live bolder, live louder, live for now.”

Kendall Jenner new Pepsi commercial

The advert wasn’t well-received by viewers, most especially the Twitter users who trended the topic #Pepsi on Tuesday night. The Internet slams Jenner and the new Pepsi commercial creating the Twitter world a place for ranting their sentiments. Since then, a lot of memes have sprouted online with netizens placing the 2016 image of Baton Rouge, Louisana, protester Ieshia Evans side-by-side with Kendall handing the cop a Pepsi. However, Pepsi defended the content of their ad, saying that it speaks of harmony between people from “different walks of life.”

Next time, Pepsi should be clear with their intentions and not make a mockery of today’s political climate, resulting in Kendall Jenner receiving millions of Twitter backlash after starring in the ad of a beverage company.

Not Cool, Pepsi

Their commercial went viral on Tuesday night after Kendall Jenner released her new Pepsi ad, which features the model giving a Pepsi to a cop who was monitoring the protests. Many critics believed that the commercial was well-intentioned, but its message was overshadowed by the scenario it portrays. The “tone-deaf” ad prompted the ire and derision of the viewers as it depicted images of protests and gear-clad cops, which are very relevant to today’s political issues. No wonder Kendall Jenner received Twitter backlash following her Pepsi commercial.

The viral advert features the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wearing a blonde wig as she posed for a photo shoot in front of a doorway. While the cameras clicked away, she makes a subtle eye contact with a boy-next-door-type activist marching along with the protesters in the street. They were carrying peace and heart symbols and slogans that read, “Join the Conversation.”

Kendall Jenner new Pepsi commercial

Stirred by their action, Jenner ditches her wig and wipes off her dark lipstick as she joins the assembled group. The model reached into an ice-filled bucket and pulled out a can of Pepsi and gladly handed it out to the monitoring police officer. The act created some sort of mob happiness as the crowd cheered and the cop was seen smiling back. Having a political agenda in your commercials is a bad thing! Most likely, those Coca-cola executives are grinning from ear-to-ear right now as Pepsi attempted to make world peace through a beverage.

Pepsi did bring people together with their ad

The masses are outraged over the new Pepsi commercial; we just hope they won’t boycott their beverages. Twitter users wasted no time in ranting here and there as Kendall Jenner received Twitter backlash from the said ad. One user wrote, “I can’t believe Kendall Jenner stopped police brutality with PEPSI! We have achieved world peace, guys!” while a second tweeted, “So we should just give Putin & Assad & Trump a can of Pepsi & everything will be fine?”

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner proved she’s a stage mother, amidst the backlash and commented, “So proud of you @kendalljenner! Thank you @pepsi for choosing Kendall to be the face of your new campaign! #Pepsi #PepsiMoment #LiveforNow”

Defending their side, a Pepsi spokesman released a statement: “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]