‘Days Of Our Lives’: The Ridiculous Way Scooter Recognized Nicole [Opinion]

Days Of Our Lives fans know that the soap opera can have some crazy storylines. Most of the time, these are a welcome break from the romance in Salem. They can also provide a ratings jump, which helps keep the long-running series on the air. However, sometimes the writers come up with the most ridiculous scenes. One of those aired yesterday, and it was how Scooter (Robb Derringer) realized that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) used to be a porn star named Misty Circle.

DOOL spoilers are ahead if you have not seen the episode that aired on April 4, 2017.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicole Walker is not getting good storylines on Days Of Our Lives. It is surprising since Arianne Zucker recently announced her exit from the show. All fans want is for her to have a happy ending, but the writers keep throwing turmoil, chaos, and bad news her way. That continues with the introduction of Hillary’s (Jennifer Landon) husband, Scooter, who is a sex addict.

The sex addiction storyline on DOOL is not what is troubling. It is how Scooter realized that Nicole was Misty Circle. After feeding baby Holly, the little girl spit up on Nicole’s sweater. She laid the child down and proceeded to take off her shirt to switch into another top while in the living room. Her guests were just in the other room with Brady. Most women would not take their clothes off when there are guests in the home, even if those people were in another room. It just doesn’t happen in real life and doesn’t really happen that way on TV, either.

Now, I understand that Days Of Our Lives is a soap opera. Some of my favorite storylines are the crazy, unbelievable ones, like Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) possession and Theresa Donovan’s (Jen Lilley) fetus being stolen from her belly and implanted into Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson). However, having Nicole strip while guests were over for dinner was just ridiculous. There were many other ways that he could have recognized her.

At one point, Nicole walked away to get another drink. Scooter could have recognized her rear end or hips as she strolled out of the room. However, the writers decided with a scene that made no sense. How many women invite a cop and her sex-addicted husband over, then get undressed in the living room because of a little spit up? Not many, that’s for sure. They go into their bedroom or bathroom and close the door, then change clothes. It just seemed so out of place and bizarre, even for Nicole Walker.

While we are on the subject of Nicole Walker, Days Of Our Lives fans are also upset about her storylines. In fact, in a recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, a viewer wrote to the editor about the situation. She called Nicole the “Cinderella” of soap operas because she can never be happy. Over the years, Arianne Zucker’s character has probably experienced more tragedy and heartbreak than many of the other Salem residents. With her leaving soon, can’t they just give her a happy ending, something that will make fans smile? Hopefully, she will get to keep her baby. However, love with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) might not last. While Zucker is leaving the NBC soap opera, Martsolf has announced no plans to exit the show. The only way it would work is if both left or if Nicole were recast.

What do you think of Nicole Walker’s storyline on Days Of Our Lives? Did you also find the revealing scene with Scooter to be ridiculous, even by soap opera standards?

[Featured Image by Paul Drinkwater/NBC]