Thomas Gibson, Formerly Of ‘Criminal Minds’: Remembering A 30 Year Career Of Movies And TV [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson gave fans 11 seasons of Criminal Minds, five seasons of Dharma and Greg, a few seasons of Chicago Hope, and about two dozen various movies and miniseries. Gibson has enjoyed a long and successful career in movies, TV, and movies and miniseries made for TV.

Thomas Gibson got his start on soap operas, including Guiding Light and As The World Turns, back in 1987. As a young actor, just getting started, he portrayed Peter Latham on Guiding Light in 1987 and Derek Mason on As the World Turns from 1988 until 1990. In 1990, he portrayed Sam Fowler on Another World.

Criminal Minds was Thomas Gibson’s most recent TV series which ended for him suddenly when, early in Season 12, the veteran actor was terminated after an altercation with co-executive producer Virgil Williams. Until that time, Thomas had been in every single episode for 11 seasons.

From Guiding Light to Criminal Minds, and everything in between, Thomas Gibson had a career anyone could be proud of. There was humor, drama, romance, and tragedy in the roles the distinguished southern gentleman played. IMDb has a full list of his various performances.

Thomas Gibson is an amazing actor with a huge fan base. Even now thousands of fans are protesting the loss of Aaron Hotchner, “Hotch” from Criminal Minds. Under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch, fans continue to boycott, petition, and protest on behalf of their heartthrob.

Thomas Gibson is more than just a heartthrob to his hardcore fans. He’s a friend, and almost like family, after 30 years of almost weekly visits to their living room via television. Not all fans recall his early career, but many of his younger fans grew up watching this veteran actor.

Thomas Gibson and Jenna Eifman as Dharma and Greg

Thomas Gibson has fans from all over the world who once watched Criminal Minds but now find it sad without him. Criminal Minds ratings for the 18-to-49 demographic have dropped by over 22 percent over last season, with a nearly 17-percent drop among all viewers, according to TV Series Finale.

Criminal Minds ratings have been stable for 11 seasons, but suddenly in Season 12, without Thomas and Shemar, ratings are getting worse as the season progresses.

Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore both left Criminal Minds. Shemar Moore left near the end of Season 11, and Gibson left during the first episode of Season 12. It is hard to be sure if fans miss Gibson or Moore most, but between the two Criminal Minds veterans departing, it is understandable that ratings would drop.

Thomas Gibson and Kirsten Vangsness of Criminal Minds

Shemar Moore will return to Criminal Minds for the Season 12 finale. CBS will be anxious to see if that helps the sinking ratings. Will CBS consider rehiring this popular heartthrob, or is CBS willing to let one of their best shows go under for want of one actor?

Criminal Minds fans and Thomas Gibson fans would like to see the veteran actor return to Criminal Minds, but so far, CBS has remained firm in their decision to terminate. It seems likely that a return of Hotch would only help Criminal Minds ratings.


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Thomas Gibson’s long and highly respectable career has at least for now, ended with his termination from Criminal Minds. Thomas spends a lot of time on Twitter chatting with fans. He spends time with his children and his dogs. Thomas sometimes visits beaches. Gibson grew up near the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina.

Will Thomas Gibson return to TV and films after Criminal Minds, or will he take an early retirement?

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