Pink Peeved At Being Labeled ‘Obese’ After Baby No. 2: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Not BMI [Opinion]

Pink just had baby No. 2, and she’s working on getting that weight off, but when she found out that her 160 pounds on her five-foot-three-inch frame rendered her obese, she was peeved. Pop singer Pink is the first to admit that she is nowhere near her goal weight, but she doesn’t feel at all obese. From what is seen in her latest pictures, most would agree that she looks nowhere near what would be considered obese.

This famous mom of two is enjoying her family of four and working at getting back to the weight she was before her second pregnancy. It was during this time when she found out she is actually considered obese by official standards. She wrote on Instagram just how disturbed she was by the “regular standards” used for measuring and labeling weight because they classified her as obese, according to Perez Hilton.

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It is a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity actually say they weigh 160 pounds and that they are fine with it because they just gave birth. Most of the time, you only see a picture of a star once they’ve bounced back to the weight they were before they were pregnant. Then everyone drops their jaws at such a miraculous weight loss. Pink was just fine with showing her 160-pound body in an Instagram post. She was also just fine with labeling the BMI as “BS.”

As Perez Hilton’s article mentions, by looking at the picture of Pink, one has to wonder if those “regular standards” are off, because Pink looks just fine in the picture above where she is seen in her workout room.

According to the Revelist, “Pink offered a necessary dose of body-positive realness to all women, especially mothers who are learning to love their new bodies.”

Pink had one piece of advice that she wants women everywhere to heed – “stay off the scale.” If you are feeling good and doing the work to get that weigh off, you don’t need to see those numbers on the scale for validation. It seems Pink couldn’t have offered up a better example of the inaccuracy of the body mass index (BMI). Just look at her; she’s far from obese.

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The BMI is used by health professionals as a tool to determine if someone is overweight, underweight, normal weight, or obese. Pink offered up her BMI on her Instagram post. She listed it as 28.3, which is considered overweight. According to the Revelist, the BMI is considered a “flawed science” by some, and what Pink has shared on Instagram is a good example of why it is considered flawed.

The BMI dates back to 1832 by Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, who was a Belgian mathematician. This equation was created by Quetelet in an effort to define the “normal man.” It wasn’t designed to measure the proportion between weight and height, but in 1972, a physiology professor tweaked the BMI for a different use.

Ancel Keys found that weight divided by height squared is the best measurement for determining a person’s percentage of body fat. He did this after examining men from five different countries and after compiling the data on his 7,400 male subjects. The revised BMI is now used for a variety of different venues.

The BMI is used in doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and “by those who lobby for healthcare companies,” cites the Revelist. The article also claims the “BMI is as flawed now as it was at its creation.”

Pink offers a different take on her post-baby weight as compared to other celebrities today. Women from Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian seem to have a baby and rebound almost instantly when it comes to losing that baby weight. Pink’s story reminds the ladies out there that diamonds are still a girl’s only best friend, not the bathroom scale and certainly not the BMI.

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