‘Trump’ Gets Comedy Central Show – In Lieu Of Fleeing Country Stars Ride Trump’s Coattails? [Opinion]

Donald Trump is taking Hollywood by storm, or is it Comedy Central that is taking Trump by storm? Either way, there’s a new show centered around Trump that is due to premiere later this month on the cable network.

It seems that celebrities are no longer interested in fleeing the country, as a number of them vowed they would do if Trump became the 45th president of the nation. Instead, they’ve realized there’s money to be made via Trump impersonations and Trump bashing, which are alive and well among celebrities today.

If Donald Trump wins, “I am moving to another country.” This was the cry of a number of big-name Hollywood stars as candidate Donald Trump was on the campaign trail. Of course, these celebrities didn’t move — they were taking advantage of some free limelight. More than likely, they never expected Donald Trump to win, but he did, and this called their bluff for sure.

After Trump was elected, headlines asked where the moving vans were in Hollywood, and celebrities were approached by reporters asking why they didn’t follow through on their promise to move. Just about everyone stayed put, but some took advantage of the Trump phenomenon and either continued to bash or impersonate the president.

It looks as though all that drama about fleeing the country was for nothing, because now that a few months have gone by since Trump’s inauguration, there doesn’t seem to be any celebrities following through on their threats. Why would they flee once they’ve realized what Trump’s presidency has awarded them? You can check out the trailer for the Comedy Central show below.

If you haven’t had a hit song or movie in a while, just find a podium and start spewing anti-Trump words. You can be sure cameras will follow, which was something that many celebrities discovered. Some, like Madonna, made a dozy of a claim and retreated. Then there were others, like Rosie O’Donnell, who continues milking it for every ounce of attention bashing Trump will award her.

Those who have a knack for impersonations of Trump made a big splash, like Alec Baldwin. This Baldwin brother got a reboot of fame for his portrayal of Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Rosie O’Donnell has taken full advantage of the free publicity that bashing Trump has offered, but unlike many of the other notable names in Hollywood, she took it to a disturbing level. Rosie went after other members of the Trump family, including making an assumption about Barron Trump that even Trump critics found upsetting.

Even if you are not from the Madonna era of music, you know who she is today.

She told the world from her podium, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” after Trump was voted in, which is seen in a report from CNN.

Late night shows have been having a field day with Trump since he threw his hat into the presidential campaign ring and they continue to do so today.

Donald Trump has given celebrities a treasure trove of exposure, so needless to say, the threats of fleeing the nation have gone by the wayside. The latest big push on cashing in on Trump is coming from Comedy Central where Anthony Atamanuik will take the lead part of Trump in the show called The President Show. This late-night TV offering will also feature comedian Peter Grosz as “Mike Pence,” according to the Atlantic.

The show will be seen on Thursday nights at 11:30 p.m. with the premiere date of April 27. According to Deadline, this new venue, The President Show, is hosted by @LateNightDonald.

So what can you expect from this Comedy Central offering? According to Deadline, the setting is Trump in the Oval Office with his “sidekick” Mike Pence. With all the problems coming from the fake news today in this nation, Comedy Central’s Donald Trump is doing his own weekly show so the real news gets out there.

The show will feature “field pieces and guests interviews,” as well as “desk segments” with the Trump and Pence impersonators at the fake Oval Office desk. So what does the star of the show have to say for himself?

“Laughing at the President is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department,” promises Atamanuik.

Besides taking his Trump vs. Bernie show on the road for a 40-city journey, Atamanuik has showed off his Trump impersonation on CNN Newsroom, The View, and The Howard Stern Show. His album from his 40-city road trip debuted on iTunes at No. 1 and was deemed the “must-have” album for 2016.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]