Roman Reigns Defeated The Undertaker And WWE Fans Still Don’t Care – Getting The Wrong Kind Of Heat [Opinion]

In the world of professional wrestling, there are the superstars that promotions such as WWE want the fans to hate and those who the fans really do despise. There have been a lot of different names over the years who have been able to generate extreme heat by being the “bad guy” or heel, but some are able to do it all on their own. Roman Reigns is now public enemy number one of wrestling fans around the world, but not in the way WWE wants him to be.

Ever since The Shield split up, Roman Reigns has been pushed to the moon and back again despite the fans not wanting it to happen. He has remained a babyface even though having him do a full-blown heel turn would be the type of thing he needed for his career.

Unfortunately, it may already be too late.

wwe roman reigns heat undertaker wrong heat

When it was announced that Roman Reigns would face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, fans hated the idea. They had already soured on the “Big Dog” and did not want to see him face the WWE legend because they had a bad feeling of what was going to happen and that is a Reigns’ victory.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, that is exactly what happened at the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

After his victory, the fans booed him out of the building but they were kind of drowned out by the fireworks. Aside from that, The Undertaker went through his moves of retiring and symbolically placing his gear in the center of the ring which took the focus off of Reigns.

Everyone knew that Reigns would end up speaking on Monday Night Raw this evening, and that was going to be the true test of things. Earlier in the day, it was revealed by WWE that he would actually open up tonight’s episode and that is what led to one of worst receptions for any superstar in a very long time.

Yes, it was much worse than anything even John Cena has experienced with a WWE crowd in years.

wwe roman reigns heat undertaker wrong heat

There was no way that WWE could hide the reactions from the fans in Orlando tonight at Raw, and if you watched it, you saw how bad it was. Wrestling Inc. recapped Reigns’ opening of Raw and it was just horrendously bad.

Reigns came out to the ring, posed in the corner, and the fans kept booing him louder than ever before. After his music stopped, the chants started being thrown at him and they only got louder each time he brought the mic to his mouth and attempted to speak. Some of the very non-PG chants that were very audible were:

  • “You Suck!”
  • “Delete!”
  • “A**hole!”
  • “F*** you, Roman! {clap clap clap-clap-clap}
  • “Shut the f*** up!”
  • “Roman sucks!”
  • Back and forth chants of “Undertaker” – “Roman sucks”

Those are not the types of chants that fun-loving wrestling fans throw at heels they are supposed to hate while they are heels. No, those are the types of chants that fans throw at superstars they despise and really can’t stand, and that is exactly the type of heat WWE does not want attached to the guy they hope is the next “face of WWE.”

Fans have often chanted and thrown hatred toward John Cena and Ric Flair and Big Show and many others, but this is different. At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this past weekend, fans even sang the “You Suck” chant for Kurt Angle’s song as he came out for his induction, but this is different.

Roman Reigns may end up turning heel, but no-one had any clue what he was going to do after his promo on Raw as all he did was say “This is my yard now.” After that, he left the ring to an even louder chorus of boos.

wwe roman reigns heat undertaker wrong heat

If Reigns were to turn heel, it would not be the type of heel that the company wants at all. He will be hated, but he’ll be hated to the point where fans won’t care. They may even change the channel or stop watching when he is in a match against a major babyface.

No-one will care if he loses. They just won’t care at all.

It may be too late, but there could be a way to save Roman Reigns and have his career salvaged in some form or fashion. While it may not be ideal for Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose, reuniting The Shield may be the only thing that saves Reigns because he won’t be alone and he won’t have to speak and he’ll have guys at his side that the fans actually love.

Unless that happens, no-one will care about anything he does. No-one will care at all.

Roman Reigns defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 was the perfect way for WWE to have him truly cement his heel turn. He has been the new generation of John Cena for the last three years as the company has shoved him down the throats of the fans, but there is one big difference – no-one cares. Reigns is getting serious heat and it isn’t the kind that anyone wants to get as a big-time heel because it is the kind that a person gets when they are truly hated.

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