See Melania Trump’s Official Portrait Up Against Past ‘Glam’ First Ladies [Opinion]

Melania Trump could be standing along the side of the road handing out $100 bills to the homeless and people would still find fault in this. The first official portrait of the nation’s new first lady was revealed today and Melania looks stunning, but that is not the only description that’s found its way to the social media sites.

The comments Melania’s portrait image has received are vast and they range from being in awe of her beauty to suggesting that she’s gone overboard with the airbrushing of her face. Some are nasty and others offer constructive criticism about finding the picture having just too much of a touch-up job to show Melania’s natural beauty with accuracy. It seems the amount of airbrushing done to her picture is the biggest bone of contention among the news headlines and social media posts today.

You might not remember if the first official portrait taken of Michelle Obama ever made it into the news or not, but it did. When Michelle’s portrait was released, she was first lady for about the same amount of time that Melania is today. People were still getting to know Michelle at this point, much like Melania right now. Some were just as harsh in their criticism to Michelle back then as they are with Melania today.

Critics went after Michelle for her sleeveless dress, calling the new first lady “too casual” in her mode of attire, according to NPR. Others indicated that they thought Michelle was dressed “off season,” wearing a sleeveless dress before the warm weather settled in.

Melania Trump’s official portrait was taken inside the Trump’s White House residence, which is what the White House website said on Monday when revealing Melania’s new portrait.

NPR suggested that it is no surprise that Melania Trump’s “first official portrait” would be a “glamour shot.” Others went further than criticizing Melania’s air brushed face and dived into the body language she demonstrated in the photo. Check out the portraits of the past first ladies below.

One you will recognize from modern-day, but the other woman, Grace Coolidge, is looking every bit as glamorous as Melania Trump in her portrait. There is no statesman-like pose here. Much like Melania, Grace appears to embrace her femininity in this pose with her lace-like material flowing over her shoulders and long dress. Coolidge also has her faithful pup by her side in a painted portrait that uses the White House as a background.

Then there is Hillary, who is not the glamorous type. She tends to dress more like a businesswoman with a very neat and cropped hairdo. She also has a tendency to wear a pant suit for almost any occasion and those Hillary Clinton pantsuits have often been subjected to jokes.

Melania’s portrait is raking in all types of criticism today, as seen in the tweet below. This person went on to analyze just about everything seen in the portrait from Melania’s body language to her “bedroom eyes.”

Most of the nation has seen Melania without airbrushing on the various videos taken of the first lady while at events before and after her husband became the 45th president. With that said, there is no debate that this woman is gorgeous, so with or without airbrushing she’s one beautiful woman. That goes for who she is as well.

Us Weekly calls Melania’s portrait “over-the-top glam” and suggest that she is naturally “channeling her supermodel side.” Would folks be much happier if Melania donned a bonnet, wiped off all signs of makeup and was pictured knitting for this portrait? That wouldn’t be her if that was the case. This is Melania Trump, the former supermodel who has kept those gorgeous looks from her days of modeling. She takes pride in the way she looks, and that is a good thing!

Above is another portrait of a first lady is seen above. It is not the one used for the White House, but one that seems to convey a mood around First Lady Jackie Kennedy. It is a portrait that is eerie looking and while she looks beautiful and mysterious, there is something rather sad about this portrait, don’t you think?

So what is wrong with a beautiful woman wanting to accentuate her looks by adding a bit of glamour to a picture? Michelle Obama looked like she was going for glamour in the picture above, which was taken for Vogue. You have to admit she looks stunning even if you don’t equate yourself with her politics. Then there were some first ladies who didn’t care too much about having their picture taken or portrait painted. One such example is the odd silhouette of Martha Jefferson, which is seen below in a tweet.

Melania’s message with this reveal of her new portrait was “I am honored to serve in the role of First Lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years.” She is seen with very soft features that are in contrast of the big rock on her finger, as her ring has some very defined lines.

Yes, Melania’s portrait did look a bit airbrushed and because of this she looks much younger than her 46 years in this picture (47 on the 26th of April), but so what? She looks great and since the image made it to the White House page, she was apparently happy with it. Michelle Obama, who looks as equally gorgeous in this picture, also appears a bit airbrushed, but it is all part of showing your outer beauty!

When it comes to looking glamorous in first lady portraits, Melania is in good company. The White House Historical Association’s archived photos has a collection of the past first ladies portraits and there are at least two other first ladies that opted for glamour in their portraits.

Helen Taft and Edith Roosevelt were the two first ladies who came the closest to Melania’s look of glamour in their portraits, suggests NPR. Melania is not the only first lady to put their best foot forward in the glamour department when posing for an official photo. Edith Roosevelt is in the picture below and she’s even got some hand action going on for this pose.

Melania Trump not only first lady going for glamour
Helen Taft was glamorous like Melania Trump.

Helen Taft was also known for liking to dress on the side of glamour and the gown she is wearing in this picture lends some evidence to the reports that she liked to look glamorous.

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