If Roman Reigns Does Not Turn Heel, Undertaker’s ‘WrestleMania’ Loss And Retirement Meant Nothing [Opinion]

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 33 on Sunday, but with this win, Reigns must make a turn or everything was literally for not. It is obvious that Reigns beating The Undertaker is controversial, as Reigns is disliked by a majority of WWE fans these days, with Undertaker being the most respected and beloved veteran in the company’s history. Literally, there is no one with such a level of love.

Seeing Undertaker lose was tough to watch, but it is the way in which he lost that affected many WWE fans to their core. The match was a botch-fest, with unusual mistakes being made all through the match. This was not at the level of Undertaker matches from the past, which really stood out. Most assume that Reigns was the main problem, as Roman has been in title matches at WrestleMania but never something of this magnitude.

It is not an over-exaggeration to claim that this was the biggest match in Reigns’ career. The fact that the match was terrible to watch, with the feeling of watching Reigns “take out ole’ yeller,” became difficult to stomach. Fans watched a beatdown most of the time, but Undertaker continued to fight to the end. It felt like the same Undertaker in parts, except with a lot gone from previous years. Many believe this was due to issues he had been going through as of late with his leg.

Roman Reigns WM33
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He needs to have surgery soon, as the first one wasn’t enough to help with the pain and problems he was having. Some assumed he would leave this year and then return for a final match at WrestleMania 33. However, from all looks of things, it appears that his last match was against Roman Reigns. This is not a bad thing for Reigns, as he could use this win to say “I ended The Undertaker for good.” He could say something even Brock Lesnar could not.

Beating “The Streak” was a huge mark for someone, but ending The Undertaker’s career is another thing altogether. The one who does this would be used as a top-tier name in the WWE for quite some time, but the issue comes down to the fact that it could not be publicized if the person who beats him is a babyface. It does not matter if his last match was against The Rock. No one will like the man who forced The Undertaker into retirement, much less with it being Roman Reigns.

However, there is a silver lining in all of this. It’s an old trick, and WWE may be able to dust it off to see how it works. We call it “the heel turn.” Now, most people have seen face or heel turns before, but there is no one in the history of WWE who needs one more than Roman Reigns does at this time. Even John Cena didn’t need it as much. Roman needs it to not only to help his career but make the Undertaker retirement mean much more.

You don’t get many opportunities to end The Undertaker’s career. His last match will always be his last match, and there is no escaping that. If this is indeed the last ride for The Undertaker, WWE must capitalize on that with Roman Reigns. Roman needs to brag about beating Undertaker as often as he can. He needs to think he’s bulletproof. He needs to assume that he’s better than everyone around him because he ended a career many thought could never be ended.

Undertaker leaves WM33
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Roman has to brag, he has to claim this yard will always be his and that he had to get the old man out to take it. Reigns has to do all of this because it will make the Undertaker retirement worth something in the end. We all knew Undertaker had to hang up the boots one day, and we all knew a younger talent made more sense to be his last opponent than an older one. After all, the younger guy could use that momentum to make something big happen for himself.

If Roman Reigns tries to act respectfully only toward The Undertaker, if he avoids talking about the win and acts as if it is just another “big win” for him and not monumental, there is an issue. Fans already believe a heel turn is needed. There is never going to be a better time for anyone to turn than now, especially when you can use the ending of a legend’s career to catapult Roman Reigns into the heel stratosphere.

He is going to get booed anyway, so you might as well let it mean something. Winning against The Undertaker will only have mattered if it allowed for Roman to turn heel. If WWE and Vince McMahon try to push it off as nothing and just a win to make Roman Reigns a bigger babyface, The Undertaker’s career would have meant absolutely nothing and every WWE fan — even Reigns fans — would be disappointed in the stupidity of such a decision.

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