Melania Trump Is Not Welcomed In New York City Anymore [Opinion]

Melania Trump is not welcomed in New York City after exorbitant costs of security services were revealed to the public. Melania and Barron’s stay in the Trump Tower has caused an uproar over New Yorkers after the city police released an estimated amount of $127,000-$146,000 per day of security costs using the people’s money. It would have been better if they used their own wealth for their extravagant lifestyle, but so far, it hasn’t happened yet. Even Donald’s weekend excursion to Mar-a-Lago costs citizens $3 million each trip and what’s more infuriating? He goes there to play golf and chill out!

Melania Trump costs New Yorkers $127,000-$146,000 per day

Aside from the president himself, his wife Melania Trump and 11-year-old son Barron are receiving backlash from their lavish lifestyle as hundreds of thousands signed a petition asking the first family to leave the city. Is Melania Trump not welcomed in New York City anymore?

Vacate Trump Tower and leave NYC

The signatures incurred are almost halfway to a million now as thousands of citizens demand that Melania and Barron Trump leave New York City and move into their White House pad in Washington, D.C. The petition follows after reports of the extravagant spending of the first family for security and protection during just two months of the Trump administration.

The city dollars are being drained by the Trump family as security services try to keep up with their unique lifestyle. They have to protect the first family at all costs and that means getting the needed budget to ensure their protection. Where do they get their budget? From the people’s taxes. According to New York City Police, the security costs for Melania and Barron’s stay in the penthouse at New York City has reached up to $146,000 a day. If Trump starts visiting his family in NYC during weekends which he hasn’t done yet (thankfully!), the costs could raise up to $300,000 a day.

Melania Trump costs New Yorkers $127,000-$146,000 per day

This overspending has prompted New Yorkers to signed a viral petition entitled “Make Melania Trump Stay in the White House or Pay for the Expenses Herself”, sponsored by, and has accumulated 417,000 signatures as of 8 a.m. last Friday after just two weeks since its creation. user Doug Caruana stated in his petition, “The U.S. taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the first lady in Trump Tower, located in New York City. As to help relieve the national debt, this expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded.”

It appears that Melania Trump is not welcomed in New York City much more than her son. Trump’s representatives announced last year that his wife and son prefer to stay in NYC “to keep disruption to a minimum” and have no plans to move to the White House. Moreover, the press team added that Barron’s continuing education would be interrupted if he lives in the White House. New York Times reported that the NYPD spends $50 million a year to “protect the first lady and her son” living in the 58-floor tower.

President Trump is not keeping his promises

There has been an increasing criticism from NYC public officials after the federal government reimbursed just $7 million in security costs so far. The government has yet to pay $43 million in debt to the city after using the NYPD to work overtime and divert police officers across the city. Also, the Washington Post previously reported that the Secret Service asked for an additional $60 million budget to cover security costs for the first family and other public officials. Almost half of the amount would be devoted to the safety of Melania and Barron living in the Midtown apartment.

Donald Trump has also been under fire for using taxpayer’s money on his trip to the “Winter White House” in Palm Beach, Florida, costing $15 million in total. It’s the complete opposite of what he said during his campaign period that he “would not be a president who took vacations.” What now, Mr. President?

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