Trump Walks Out Of Signing Ceremony Because Reporter Asks Him Question [Opinion]

Trump speaking at swearing in.

As reported by CNN yesterday, President Donald Trump apparently walked out of a signing ceremony for yet another set of Executive Orders because a reporter had the temerity to ask him a question he didn’t like. This behavior only reinforces the view that many have of Trump being a rather petulant person who lacks the necessary self-control to be the President of the United States.

The reporter in question made the mistake of asking Trump about the current situation regarding resigned National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who is apparently fishing around for a grant of immunity before spilling whatever he might know – if anything – about links between the Trump administration and Russians interfering in the 2016 Election process.

In response to the question, Trump quickly turned and walked out of the room in an apparent fit of pique. He left his papers, his witnesses and the Vice President behind in the process. Vice President Pence trotted behind and tried to get Trump to come back, but Trump waved him off.

So Pence meekly reentered the room, gathered up the papers and herded the witnesses out. It was later reported by ABC News that Trump did in fact sign the papers in another room where the nasty reporters couldn’t bother him.

This kind of behavior by Donald Trump isn’t particularly surprising. Long before he entered the White House, he was known to have a very thin skin. He also was notorious for holding a grudge and seeking revenge against his enemies.

Considering that Donald Trump – this incredibly short fused man – has access to the nuclear codes that could start WWIII, it’s certainly a bit disquieting he behaves like this. As is the fact that no one has the authority to refuse his order to launch those missiles.

When President Donald Trump walks out of a room that way, it is more important than just the awkward and embarrassing incident itself. It makes clear the kind of person who now sits in power in the Oval Office.

Even aside from the prospect of a nuclear conflagration, there are a number of other obvious problems that result from having a man with such an unstable nature running the executive branch of the United States government.

One of the most significant of these problems can be seen in Donald Trump’s blatant inability to work with the Senate and the House of Representatives. For instance, even though Republicans currently have control of the White House and both houses in the Congress, Trump was still unable to get his signature piece of legislation – the repeal of Obamacare –brought up for a vote, let alone passed.

And most objective observers of Trump’s disastrous first 100 days in office attribute much of this failure to introduce a Republican version of healthcare legislation to Donald Trump himself. Not only did Trump fail to work effectively with Republicans to pass their own proposal, Trump didn’t bother to actually learn just what that proposal entailed. Donald Trump has demonstrated he doesn’t have any interest – or perhaps ability to understand – the intricate details of governance. Instead, he simply tried to threaten and intimidate Republican legislators.

And we’ve already seen that Trump’s instability and volatile nature – as well as his complete lack of experience on the international stage – can have disastrous consequences when it comes to foreign policy and military matters.

Trump’s decision to move forward with a military operation in Yemen – one that the Obama administration had hesitated to carry out because of the potential problems – resulted in the deaths of both US military personnel and a number of civilians in Yemen itself. Some of these civilians included women and children.

In the same way, Trump’s interaction with leaders of long-standing allies demonstrates that he lacks the temperament to be leader of the free world. From hanging up on the Australian Prime Minister to trying to intimidate the leader of Japan with a handshake, Trump seems less like a President than he does a schoolyard bully. So the fact that Donald Trump walks out of a meeting and leaves the vice president hanging is hardly surprising.

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