White House Claims Michael Flynn Failed To Disclose Russian Income [Opinion]

Michael Flynn recently claimed he would testify for the Senate Intelligence Committee over the alleged Trump/Russia connection if he could get immunity in doing such, but now we may know why he’s wanting to get that so bad. Due to the various connections to the Trump administration to Russia, everyone wants to know any real, confirmed information that is available. When Flynn claimed he would testify, it was first real lead Intelligence Communities had.

However, it was a weird situation for all involved. Everyone knew when Michael Flynn asked for immunity that he knew for a fact that he would hurt himself with his story. Despite this, the fact he would be willing to go through all of this just to inform on a Trump/Russia connection seemed interesting. It is still almost too interesting to pass up for Congress Intelligence Communities.

This meant that to stop Flynn from talking, his reasons for needing immunity had to be looked into. If it could be found that he committed a felony of any kind before he spoke, then he would have no reason to talk in some ways. However, some would claim that if he does know he’s going away for a long time, he will want to drag everyone down with him. Regardless, information on Michael Flynn was needed, and it seems that the White House believes they have something.

Trump and Flynn
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According to a report out of Reuters. the former National Security Adviser to President Trump failed to disclose payments from a Russian television network and a second firm linked to Russia in a February financial disclosure form. This was according to documents released by the White House on Saturday. In the disclosure form signed by Flynn on March 31, it listed speaking engagements to Russian entities, which included the Kremlin-funded RT TV and Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

It was not disclosed how much Michael Flynn was paid, but the speeches do happen to be in an interesting section called “sources of compensation exceeding $5,000 in a year.” This means we at least know he made that amount or more, which is a good bit of money. It is uncertain how much more this could have been over $5,000 sadly, but the fact that it is known to be over is very interesting.

The White House claimed in their information release that these speeches are not included in a form that Flynn signed electronically on February 11th of this year. Obviously, everyone knew when Flynn asked for an immunity it meant that he would have something to hide and that this immunity was very much needed to get him out of trouble. This information by the White House could be at least one of the reasons Flynn needs the immunity.

Flynn Pence
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Michael Flynn is, of course, a retired general for the United States and took on the National Security Adviser role for only 24 days before he was forced to resign from his post by the Trump administration after lying to Vice President Mike Pence. He “misled” Pence on conversations he had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislak about U.S. sanctions in Moscow.

Flynn is under scrutiny over his contacts with Russian officials, which is actually part of the wider investigation into Russia possibly meddling with the 2016 United States Presidential election. President Trump claimed in a tweet that the Democrats are pursuing investigations into the Russian hacking because they were upset about his win over the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton. Trump, of course, ran as a Republican in the election.

Since the information about possible meddling came out, Congressional intelligence committees and the FBI have been looking into the allegations. Naturally, the Russian government has denied the allegations against them. The big denial was regarding the hacking emails of Democratic groups that released information to tip the election toward Trump. Of course, Donald Trump called for better relations with Russia in his run for office so it would make sense for Russia to want him to win. However, their involvement in helping him win has yet to be officially proven, but Flynn may be able to help in clearing that up if he testifies.

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