Michelle And Barack Obama Woes – Dilemma Over Daughter Malia Sowing Wild Oats? [Opinion]

Barack and Michelle Obama are dealing with a complete lifestyle change as their time in the White House has come to an end. Sources describe Michelle as having a tougher time than the former president at adjusting to the changes that the last few months have thrown their way. With that said, it appears that both have shifted their attention to their eldest daughter, Malia, who at 18, is on her own for the first time and making headlines recently for her antics inside a 21 and over nightclub.

Recent events have Michelle and Barack worried about Malia, according to Celebrity Insider. Even though she is 18, that is not a magical age where a button is pushed and a maturity level rushes in and takes over. Being out on her own in New York City has Malia spreading her wings and making some less than stellar decisions along the way.

Malina has made the headlines even before moving to New York City for her internship, which is seen in tweets and Facebook posts throughout this article. At 18, she is not of legal drinking age, but she was recently seen in an upscale 21 and over nightclub. This night on the town resulted in a verbal altercation with a reporter. While Malia isn’t doing things much differently than other 18-year-old kids, she has that famous Obama face, so whenever she’s sowing her oats and practicing that rite of passage, she’s headline news.

The biggest change in Michelle and Obama’s life right now is having Malia out on her own for the first time and the former president and first lady are finding that “these changes are not easy to handle,” according to Celebrity Insider. Malia is Harvard-bound in the fall, but until that time she is working her internship with Weinstein & Co. in Manhattan. Let’s face it, she’s 18 and in the city that never sleeps, the young girl isn’t going to take up knitting as a pastime.

It is her extra-curricular activities during her off hours and how she spends her New York City nights that have Barack and Michelle worried. According to Celebrity Insider, a recent headline that conveys a rather negative story about Malia “trying to beat up a right-wing journalist, allegedly, of course, has her parents worried.”

The Obama’s have developed a thick skin when it comes to all the rumors and gossip about them but as parents, they are not immune to the buzz about their daughter, and they are not sure just what to do. The insider that spoke with Celebrity News claims that Michelle and Barack are in a dilemma. They are not sure if they should be more present in Malia’s life during this big adjustment period of being on her own for the first time.

They know their daughter has a good head on her shoulders, and they trust that she will make good judgments, with a few mistakes thrown in, which is all part of the process of growing up. Still, at only 18-years-old, she is in the Big Apple on her own and after the recent episode in the headlines, there appears to be some need to worry.

An article from the Inquisitr back in September reported how Malia was “escorted” out of a wild party on Martha’s Vineyard during the family vacation on the island off the New England coast. There wasn’t too much information released about what she was doing at this party, which allegedly had alcohol available, but witnesses confirm that she was there.

As Hollywood Life reports there was some concern when Malia was believed to be smoking pot at Lollapalooza, or at least that is what a video captured of Malia seemed to show. Michelle and Barack have the same worries about a child leaving the nest for the first time as thousands of parents around the nation do today. While many believe Malia still has Secret Service agents in tow to watch over her, that is not necessarily true.

According to Quora, minor children of a former president get Secret Service protection only until they are 16. That lets Malia out, as she is 18. If the Obama’s opted to pay for her to have that protection, she may have an agent watching out for her, but what 18-year-old kid do you know that would want someone watching over them night and day?

Malia’s famous face could be both a positive and a negative aspect for her parents. Everyone knows who Malia is, so if she’s misbehaving, Michelle and Barack will know about it via the headlines. This can’t be said for the thousands of other parents whose kids have gone out on their own for the first time.

This is one way to keep close tabs on their daughter. But as a parent is this a positive or a negative? It is probably safe to say that this is one big negative for Malia.

[Featured Image by Danny Moloshok/AP Images]