Barron Trump Trading Entire Penthouse Floor For ‘Own Space’ In White House? [Opinion]

Barron Trump has an entire floor of a three-story penthouse that he calls his own space in his tower home in Manhattan. This is not just an oversize bedroom that Barron occupies at Trump Tower, this is a space that has its own living room as well. With Barron’s move to Washington, D.C., will he be awarded the same type of space that he was used to in his gilded Manhattan home in the clouds?

According to the New York Daily News, Barron has “his own little wing” in the Trump Tower home. It seems safe to say that his “little wing” is probably bigger in square footage than an average middle-class home. At least it looks that way from the images captured in photos and on videos of the Trump family’s home in Trump Tower. The youngest Trump child’s area in Trump Tower sounds more like his own apartment when it comes to his own space, according to what Melania said in an interview with Parenting Magazine when Barron was only 6 years old.

The discussion about the space that’s just for Barron came up when Melania told Parenting Magazine that she doesn’t have any problem with Barron drawing on the walls in his area of their penthouse apartment. Melania believes this is Barron’s way of expressing his creativity. She said if you always tell a child “no,” you will not be letting that creativity come out. Besides, you can always paint over the walls, which was what she shared during the interview. This was almost five years ago and from all accounts, Barron is doing extremely well academically today, so Melania’s parenting strategy apparently works.

Since Barron is used to all this space, will moving to the White House be a down-sizing of sorts for the 11-year-old lad? According to the New York Daily News, Barron has basically asked his parents about the size of the White House accommodations when it comes to extra bedrooms so he can invite his friends for sleepovers.

The New York Daily News writes, “According to our insider, Barron has ‘his own little wing’ in Trump Tower, so space has never been an issue. It seems that his parents have convinced him that it won’t be a problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., either.” Barron will see some changes from his accommodations in the White House in comparison to his home in New York City.

For one thing he won’t be getting a view from the clouds like he does in his home in Manhattan. At 11, scenery probably doesn’t mean that much; it is the stuff inside a bedroom that would appeal to a child of that age, rather than what he can see out his window.

It is not known just what space will be designated as Barron’s area, but the preteen will find things a little different from his home in Trump Tower. Since the first family’s residence is on the second floor of the White House, this means Barron is only one flight of stairs away to get outside and onto some green lawn. This is different than the lad having to travel 50 some-odd floors down an elevator, which only brings you out to a busy congested street.

The first family’s White House living quarters consist of 16 rooms, one main corridor, six bathrooms, and one lavatory, according to the White House museum website. This gives the Trump family their bedrooms and private sitting rooms. There are also guest bedrooms in their living area with one very famous bedroom everyone should take a turn sleeping in — the Lincoln Bedroom. No matter how famous you are, sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom automatically gives you bragging rights and something you can tell your future grandchildren.

Back in February Us Weekly reported that Melania’s first hire since becoming the first lady of this nation was interior designer Tham Kannalikham, who will be redecorating the Trumps’ living quarters in the White House. A few other spaces in the White House will be getting a “major makeover” before Barron and Melania move into the White House. They include the Lincoln Bedroom, the Yellow Oval Room, the Truman Balcony, the President’s Dining Room, and the Treaty Room, which is on the second floor

So far not much has been said about the style that Melania is going for when it comes to redecorating the White House. According to Us Weekly, Melania and the decorator “are focusing on a seamless integration of elegance and comfort” in the area of this historic home that is designated as the living quarters of the president and his family.

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