Dragon Ball Super Episode 85: Secret Agenda Of The Gods Against Goku! [Spoilers] [Opinion]

The official synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 tells us that after Goku invites Krillin to participate in the power tournament, he also invites Android 18, but Krillin’s wife refuses to participate, while Krillin confronts Gohan. Goku looks for a way to convince Android 18 to accept the proposal to participate in the power tournament.

Goku lies and tells Android 18 that the winner of the universal tournament will receive 10 million Zeni, then Android 18 would make the decision to participate in the power tournament and 18 seeing that Krillin has grown quite powerful, she wouldn’t mind joining the tournament.

It is good to know that after all this time, Akira Toriyama has finally decided to reap a significant spirit, a protagonist’s in Krillin, the series’ rather a pushover hero, to the extent that he will come equivalent or maybe even surpass Piccolo and both the androids.

The official synopsis of Chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super tells us that Goku tries to look for Android 17 but is not able to locate him. In order to gather a team of 10 within 40 hours before the commencement of the Tournament of power, Goku wants to invite Android 17 to participate in the universal tournament. Then Gohan’s father goes to the sacred temple to meet Dende and asking him for a favor. Dende’s ability to locate any individual may come in handy for Goku, but nonetheless, finding Android 17 would be hard.

Apart from that, Gohan goes to recruit Piccolo, his once martial-arts master and asks him to enter the Tournament of Power. In my opinion, that is not going to be a very long conversation. Much like Gohan- “Hey Piccolo, want to take part in the upcoming Tournament of Power?”. Piccolo – “Yes. I’ve been standing here on this rock for ages waiting for something to do. I’ve been training inside my mind, let’s go!” That quick and easy.

Goku would also confront Buu, who has attained his new slim form which seems equivalent to that of Super Buu. Buu can’t wait for the tournament to begin. He seems excited about fighting given how much fun he had while pounding on Basil.

“His body has really shaped up as a result of his training. He battles Goku in order to test out his current power, but?!”

The ‘but’ (at the end) makes everything much more exciting in terms of having to wonder whether Goku’s battle with Super Buu is going to demonstrate anything majorly defining for the show. Buu might have slimmed down, transforming into Super Buu. However, that is not definitive so far because obviously, a thing like this will obviously be left for surprising the fans.

The latest spoilers that made their way into V-Jump Magazine are undoubtedly the most mind-blowing so far as Episode 85 is concerned. The new information regarding Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 kind of mixes things up a little bit.

Fans get some new information on the god meet-up in universe 11, which is going to happen in episode 85 and it will be something very peculiar to take note of. So let’s jump right into it.

“The Kaioshins of each universe gather before the Tournament of Power, which we already knew. Although some suggest requesting the Omni-king to reconsider, opinions differ and they are unable to come up with a plan.”

Now here’s the new information: “Meanwhile, all the Gods of Destruction except for Beerus gather too and hatch a scheme of targeting Goku’s home, universe 7!”

That is some crazy plot twist. There are 11 Gods of Destruction planning on destroying the earth? Goku, you better bulk up and somehow bust out that new form. Quite frankly, things seem to have been taking a downturn for heroes of universe 7. What will happen next? Only time shall tell

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