Melania Trump’s Words Twisted And Spit Back At Her Via Rosie O’Donnell Tweet [Opinion]

It appears that Rosie O’Donnell will not let her feud with Donald Trump go and since he now ignores her tweets, it’s as if she has honed in on Melania Trump. O’Donnell has taken some of Melania Trump’s heartfelt words from a recent speech and twisted them into a warning for the first lady. The once popular comedian continues to perpetuate a decade-long feud with Donald Trump that started back during his Celebrity Apprentice Days, but lately it looks as if she’s fighting dirty by targeting the members of the Trump family.

This week Melania Trump gave an elegant speech at the International Women of Courage Award ceremony held at the State Department. Melania delivered her “first formal on-camera speech” as first lady at this event that honored 12 women this year, reported Us Weekly.

During this speech Melania stayed on track talking about women and how taking risks in life should not be feared. She also discussed the strength within women. She never mentioned her husband Donald Trump or his policies in this speech, which lasted about 10-minutes. Melania used some of what she had said in her speech in a tweet she sent out and it was this tweet that apparently caught O’Donnell’s eye. Melania wrote:

O’Donnell then spit out this on her Twitter account:

If Rosie thought she was being witty, it didn’t take long for that to be shot down, as social media users jumped on her Twitter page to give her a lesson in “hate” and how it can be conquered by “love.” Not to mention the social media users who tweeted their anger after reading what O’Donnell had posted, a tweet urging Melania to flee her husband with her son and parents in tow.

A couple of social media users reminded O’Donnell about her own adopted daughter running away from her, which is seen in the tweet below.

Another Twitter user wrote:

These tweets were all posted on Rosie O’Donnell’s Twitter page in retaliation for what she had tweeted about Melania Trump. O’Donnell seemed to have a sparring session with a few of the people who posted remarks on her Twitter page, like a woman named Angelica who told Rosie in no uncertain terms that she is “callously” using her celebrity platform.

From the looks of Rosie’s Twitter page it seems she enjoys sparring with people over some very negative things, like what Rosie tweeted to Melania Trump. The so-called comedian kept hopping back on social media to actually argue with the people posting comments. One person reminded her that she said she would move out of the country if Trump was elected president, yet “here you still are,” they wrote.

Rosie started another bout of back and forth arguing saying that she never said that, yet other’s chimed in to remind her that she had.

AOL News reminded their readers that this is not the first time Rosie has addressed the first lady. “She had sparked controversy by speculating Barron Trump was autistic” a while back, but ended up apologizing to Melania over those comments.

Melania will probably not acknowledge O’Donnell’s tweet telling her to flee with Barron and her parents. She has too much class to validate that she’s even read what Rosie has tweeted her way.

Maybe Rosie is hoping Donald Trump will start a sparring session with her, but he is much too busy to waste any time on that. One can only hope if the Trump family continues to ignore O’Donnell that she will just go away.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]