Barron Trump’s Buddies Soon The Envy Of Preteens With White House Sleepovers? [Opinion]

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so they say, and it looks like Barron Trump has picked up his dad’s flare for event planning. While Barron is not orchestrating anything as elaborate as a black tie event, he will make his friends the envy of the preteen set around the nation when hosting sleepovers at the White House.

Moving away from your childhood friends and schoolmates has to be hard for a boy of 11, but it looks like Barron has already put some plans into place so that he will keep in touch with his buddies from Manhattan once moving into the White House. According to Hollywood Life, Barron is planning “plenty of sleepovers” with his buddies.

Barron Trump has White House sleepovers planned

One of the concerns that Barron discussed with his parents when first learning about the White House move was that he hoped there would be plenty of bedrooms so his friends can come and visit. Just think of the extra tidbits of education Barron and his friends from the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School will be privy too while wandering around the White House.

The parents of Barron’s friends will of course have the final say on whether they will let their children travel to the White House for a sleepover, but they probably couldn’t find a safer place on Earth for their child to have an extended play date. Having the Secret Service agents watching their every move might not be a plus for a bunch of 11-year-old boys, but it will most likely be a big plus for their parents.

What a story these young lads will carry with them for the rest of their lives after having a sleepover at Barron’s place in D.C., which will more than likely include meeting President Donald Trump. Breakfast at the White House across the table from the President and First Lady of this nation will be a childhood tale these kids will tell their grandchildren.

Barron Trump Has White House Sleepovers Planned

The New York Daily News reported that Barron, who is accustom to his own space within Trump Tower, will enjoy that same arrangement at the White House. The Trump’s gilded tower home in Manhattan has three floors, with one floor being Barron’s and only Barron’s, which has been reported throughout the last year.

It is not known what Barron’s own space will look like at the White House, but according to the New York Daily News, “It seems that his parents have convinced him that it won’t be a problem at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., either.”

There is an “end of May deadline” to have the first family’s living quarters in place. This is when Barron and his mom will make the big move into the White House. The workers might have to vacate the living quarters for just one weekend before the end of May. It seems an April trip is planned for Melania and Barron and they will need to use those living quarters when they come to D.C. for the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

Melania Trump has been very successful at keeping Barron out of the spotlight as much as possible since Donald Trump first put his hat in the ring for a run at the White House. After all the nation’s new first lady has had to endure, no one can blame her for keeping Barron a bit sheltered from the storm.

Getting everything in place for the big move included Melania securing a school for Barron in Washington when classes resume in the fall. At the same time she is getting Barron settled, Melania Trump is “preparing to assume her role as First Lady, ” according to the New York Daily News.

Melania is easing into the role of the first lady as she gets ready for the big Washington move. It was announced this week that Stephanie Grisham was named Melania’s director of communications. Grisham worked on the campaign for President Trump, so she is known to both Donald and Melania.

According to the New York Daily News, Melania is also getting some “media coaching,” which is aimed at making her more comfortable when speaking in public. “She’s done everything but the packing” when it comes to getting ready for her move to the White House.

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