Google Gnome Is Cranky: April Fools’ Day Brings Smart Yard Device With Attitude [Opinion]

It looks like the newest addition to Google Home is an outside version called Google Gnome. As seen in the video below, this device is even more interactive, maybe even too interactive, as it gets tired of your same old mistakes and let’s you know about it!

According to Android Central, the Google Gnome looks too good to be true, and the writer of the article wishes it wasn’t. While it is only an April Fools’ joke from Google, she sounds very disappointed because she wants one. The fictitious “Smart Yard” is here, or at least it’s here on a video from Google as one very creative April Fools’ joke.

As seen above, the Google Gnome looks like a stream-lined version of a garden gnome without facial or body features. It sits on an outside table at a family’s home for the sake of this video and the husband and wife inundate the Google Gnome with requests.

This April Fools’ joke that is done up in a video is really quite funny, as they’ve given the Google Gnome a biting edge to its answers. When the wife is told one too many times that she is making requests that can only be done with the inside version of Google Home, the Google Gnome gets an attitude. This was seen after she asked it to “add milk to her shopping list.” Google Gnome reminded her again that she is making this request to the wrong device.

At one point they make the mistake of asking the Google Gnome which way the wind is blowing and this device continues to give answers about the wind speed and its direction. All you can hear is “south west, south, south west, south east,” over and over again as the wind shifts a little every second. This is could be annoying, but some of the things this fictitious Google Gnome is shown doing are quite cool, like “turn the hose on” or “turn the hose off.”

The wife in the video is seen commanding the Google Gnome to turn the hose off, on, off, on… in an attempt to get the device to slip up and it does, but only for a second. While the family is outside they talk to the Google Gnome almost as if it is a person, and the wife even apologies to the fake device in this video. Google Gnome was not very gracious when accepting that apology. It is almost as if it reprimanded the wife for making the mistake too many times with the tone it used.

For the sake of this April Fools’ joke, this Google Gnome was apparently given some type of sight. The wife tells the device to turn on the hose she is holding. The Gnome did this without asking which one it was. The same type of thing happened when the husband was holding a plastic drink cup that he just emptied.

He asks the fake device if this cup should go into the compost. The Google Gnome never asked what kind of cup it is, so again it offers up a feeling that the thing can see. It really doesn’t matter because it is all fake anyway and the Google Gnome is not an item that will be offered up for sale in the stores — it’s all for the sake of April Fools’ Day.

While it is meant to be an April Fools’ joke, it does give you a few moments to ponder about life when this piece of technology spews forth some words of doom. This comes after the husband in the video asks if the cup he is holding is “compost.”

The Gnome sounds very serious when saying, “we are all made of organic matter and will return to organic matter,” and the camera sweeps over to their young son in the yard who looks a bit shaken by the thought of his family being compost one day.

This Gnome even giggles and tells the family it tickles when the dog goes over and starts to lick it. As the video ends, the wife is on the riding mower doing the lawn. She has Google Gnome on the hood of the mower telling it to go faster, faster, faster… but the mower remains in one slow speed.

Florence Ion, who wrote an article about the Google Gnome for Android Central, said “I don’t understand why this Google Gnome isn’t a real thing I can pay money for.” She would “love” to automate her backyard with a device by Google called Google Gnome. She wants to be able to ask this device how her potatoes are doing during the growing season for her backyard vegetable garden. She reports that she doesn’t think this video is funny, as it left her “devastated” when finding out the Google Gnome is not real!

[Featured Image by Jens Meyer/AP Images]