WWE News: Roman Reigns Haters Are ‘Cry Babies,’ According To JBL [Opinion]

JBL has a strong opinion about fans who don’t like Roman Reigns. JBL has been a WWE superstar for over two decades now, starting out as the cowboys Bradshaw and then morphing into the wealthy Texan JBL before retiring and taking a position in the commentator’s booth. However, through the years, he has built a reputation as a tough guy as well as an alleged bully who likes to throw his weight around. In a recent episode of Bring it to the Table, JBL set his sights on internet wrestling fans and their opinion of Roman Reigns.

As most WWE fans know, there is not a lot of love for Roman Reigns as a face in the WWE, and many fans boo him at live and televised events to show their dislike for his character. Some take that as booing Roman Reigns as a person, but most know that it is booing a character that some fans consider stale and boring.

However, as far as JBL is concerned, there is only one reason that fans boo Roman Reigns. According to JBL, the fans who boo Roman Reigns are just cry babies who boo him because they don’t like him.

JBL also said he feels that Roman Reigns is a star and the fans, in general, give him a superstar reaction outside of the cry babies who don’t like him. His co-host Peter Rosenberg then made a false claim that the fans all liked Roman Reigns the best in The Shield and then turned on him when the WWE pushed him.

The fact is that most fans thought that Dean Ambrose would be who turned heel when The Shield broke up, and many loved his attitude at the time. Seth Rollins seemed like the perfect face because of his move set, but he ended up being the perfect heel when they split. As for Roman Reigns, fans did love him as the muscle of the group, but saying he was the favorite was exaggerating.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Haters Are 'Cry Babies' According To JBL

JBL calling fans cry babies for not liking Roman Reigns has to go back to the reason that the fans started booing him to begin with. The biggest reason that fans turned on Roman Reigns was because the WWE pushed him over Daniel Bryan at a time where Bryan was still the most popular star in the company.

That would be a case where the fans started to hate Roman Reigns because he was not who they wanted the WWE to push at the time, and that could explain the JBL “cry babies” comment. It is still a heel move for JBL to make about fans who don’t like Roman Reigns and one that seems to tie into more recent WWE rumors about him.

JBL has always had the reputation for bullying wrestlers backstage and was one of the biggest proponents of the Wrestler’s Court, a system where wrestlers would put each other on trial if they found someone was breaking the unspoken backstage rules. That court was banned in present day WWE, but that doesn’t mean that former wrestlers like JBL don’t still follow their code.

SmackDown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo missed a taping three weeks ago because of bad weather. JBL made some insulting comments about him on the air, and Ranallo has missed the last two weeks due to “illness,” which seems to be tied to his bipolar disorder and depression issues.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Haters Are 'Cry Babies' According To JBL

WrestleZone reports that the case of Ranallo’s bipolar disorder flaring up was due possibly to tension between he and JBL. The word is that JBL has believed that Ranallo was breaking some of the unspoken rules of professional wrestling while announcing and has been relentless when making fun of Mauro since then, including making insulting comments on a previous episode of Bring it to the Table.

If that is the case, it is a situation where JBL is himself breaking a WWE policy of no-bullying, which ties into their Be a STAR anti-bully campaign and makes the entire company look bad. With his recent comments about fans who don’t like Roman Reigns being “cry babies,” it really sounds like JBL might be playing the role of the bully to the fullest.

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