‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 2 On Netflix: Top 3 Things You Need To Know About The BBC Series — UPDATE [Opinion]

Update: According to USA TODAY, a release date for The Last Kingdom Season 2 on Netflix has been announced. Season 2 of the BBC Two will premiere on Netflix, May 5.

Season 2 of The Last Kingdom recently premiered on BBC Two, and according to What’s on Netflix, it is expected to debut on Netflix in late 2017. So what is The Last Kingdom? It is an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling book series, titled The Saxon Stories.

BBC Two’s The Last Kingdom follows the life and times of central character Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon). Born a Saxon, and raised a Dane, Uhtred spent Season 1 trying to win back his birthright, as he battled an identity crisis, amidst a pre-unified Englands. Now that you know the essential plot details, here are the top three (3) things you also need to know about Season 2.

#1: Uhtred is not Jon Snow.

When The Last Kingdom premiered on BBC Two, it garnered instant comparisons to HBO’s Game of Thrones and HISTORY’s Vikings. The comparisons are easy to make. The Last Kingdom centers on Viking Danes, and like Game of Thrones, it features power struggles and shocking deaths.

The similarities with Game of Thrones do not end there. There have also been heavy comparisons made between The Last Kingdom‘s central protagonist and one of Game of Thrones‘ leading characters, Jon Snow. The New York Post even commented about the similarities between Jon Snow and Uhtred in a 2015 article.

So how similar are the characters? In truth, they could not be more different. While Jon Snow often serves as the moral center of Game of Thrones, Uhtred is far from it in The Last Kingdom. In Uhtred, you will find none of Jon’s trademark humility, chivalrousness, or nobility.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 On Netflix - Top 3 Things You Need To Know About The BBC Series -- UPDATE - Netflix Release Date

With The Last Kingdom‘s Uhtred you get a central protagonist that is largely self-involved, foolish, cold, and arrogant. Or at least, he was in Season 1. He has many indiscretions to make up for in Season 2. If anything, Uhtred shares more in common with Vikings‘ original protagonist, or antagonist, depending on how you view him.

Uhtred’s behavior in Season 1 leaves him in a moral limbo that requires fanciful footwork to get past. While Jon Snow is often working for the betterment of others, Uhtred is usually out for himself. Will Uhtred prove worthier of the comparison in Season 2? You will have to watch The Last Kingdom and find out.

#2: Reign fans have a reason to watch The Last Kingdom Season 2.

For Reign fans experiencing the series’ ending episodes, there is good news on a related front. Actor Toby Regbo, who starred as Mary, Queen of Scots’ late husband Francis on The CW series, is back in front of the camera.

According to Den of Geek, Regbo will star as Aethelred in The Last Kingdom Season 2. Given Regbo’s description of his character to Den of Geek, it sounds like Aethelred will not share much in common with Francis.

#3: The Last Kingdom is the perfect pregame viewing for Vikings and Game of Thrones.

While Uhtred is a far cry from Jon Snow, The Last Kingdom does give fans a sufficient fix of medieval costume drama. It also provides Game of Thrones fans with an array of attributes from the hit HBO series. In Season 1, the show gave viewers a spate of relentless battles, as well as a similar tonality.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 On Netflix - Top 3 Things You Need To Know About The BBC Series -- UPDATE - BBC Two

The Last Kingdom also kept viewers on the edge of their seats, with character deaths that truly struck a startling chord. While the series is missing some of Game of Thrones‘ other essential ingredients, such as exceedingly likable leading characters, or an elaborate endgame, it does provide sufficient doses of Vikings-style action and adventure. Fans of either series should find The Last Kingdom an enjoyable series to watch.

The Last Kingdom, in summation.

The Last Kingdom carved out something special for itself, in Season 1. It was not afraid to swing for the fences with characters that are initially hard to root for. As well as dealing with some real-world history that gives the show an educational edge. Season 2 can only build on what its debut season built.

How and where to watch The Last Kingdom.

Season 2 of The Last Kingdom is currently airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. on BBC Two. As mentioned above, Season 2 will premiere on Netflix, May 5. Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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