Mike Pence Calls Wife ‘Mother’ — Is Karen’s Tight Rein Bizarre Or Necessary? [Opinion]

Mike and Karen Pence aren’t subjected to the same type of bashing in the media that President Trump and his wife Melania endure. Both couples hold a lot of the same values around marriage and family, but Pence for some reason seems to be favored more than Trump when it comes to nice things being said. A new report about Mike Pence and his wife Karen conveys him as a man totally devoted to his wife, a woman who is more often than not within arm’s length of her husband.

As Slate reports today, they “pity the poor soul who comes between Vice President Mike Pence and his ‘mother,’ or rather, his wife Karen.” “Mother” is a term of endearment that Mike Pence uses when addressing his wife. They are close, very close, from what a recent interview from the Washington Post indicates. Just to show how close these two are, the interview mentions they had “twin treadmills” in the governor’s residence when Mike Pence governed over Indiana.

Pence was known for his bike riding around his district during his first unsuccessful run for Congress. He logged in more than 250 miles on his single-speed bicycle and most of the time Karen was right along with him. It took him three attempts, or three different campaign runs, but he finally won a congressional race. Karen brought him a bright red phone for his desk when he was a House member in Washington and she was the only one who knew that phone number.

That red phone was only for her to use as a hotline directly to him. Today that phone is installed in his statehouse office and it is there for communication purposes even in this day and age of cell phones. For Pence it is still a hotline to his wife and it is a phone that offers up many memories for the vice president. The article in the Washington Post is very enlightening about Pence and his wife Karen. It was written by Ashley Parker, who then promoted the article by sending out the tweet:

In another Washington Post article that was published today, they report that the reaction to Ashley Parker’s article on Mike Pence was “swift and polarized.” The couple have established boundaries within their marriage that has “shocked” people today. People are asking all kinds of questions after learning that Pence will not dine alone with a woman who is not his wife or that he will not dare to step foot into an event where alcohol is offered without Karen or “Mother” by his side. Some of those questions popping up across social media are seen in the tweet below.

Why is Mike Pence not allowed by his wife to dine with another woman alone or allowed to attend an event where alcohol is served without Karen by his side? Did something happen to warrant the creation of these strict rules of their marriage?

What would happen if an event should arise where he needs to dine with British Prime Minister Theresa May or German Chancellor Angela Merkel as part of his duties as vice president? Would he have to decline for the sake of these rules set down within his marriage? Or would he need to bring Karen along for the dinner? Social media users want to know.

Some folks on social media sites have taken these seemingly strict rules that both Mike and Karen live by in their marriage and they are making it sound as if there was once a problem and these rules constitute the fix. They seem to believe that these rules were put in place after some type of problem. That is just not true.

Pence should be given some credit for realizing how things work at these office parties and also in politics. During a 2002 interview with The Hill, Pence refers to these rules as “building a zone around your marriage.”

He also said, “If there’s alcohol being served and people are being loose, I want to have the best-looking brunette in the room standing next to me.” Back in 2015 The Atlantic published an article in which female staff in Congress reported that there were some men in Congress that they wouldn’t want to be left alone with. The culture is there and it seems that Pence and his wife have enough insight to see things for what they are, or what they can be, in social gatherings where the drinks flow freely. What Mike and Karen Pence have done is learn to proceed with caution, and these rules seem to fall under that heading.

Apparently Pence has seen this type of culture and has taken some safe guards against ever getting caught up in it. This doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t trust himself, but with his wife with him during gatherings where the alcohol is flowing or at a dinner with another woman, there’s never a chance at a rumor starting with Karen there to see it all. If you think about it, the Pence couple may just have something there. By sticking together at outings of all kinds, there’s never any chance of a rumor starting that can get in the way of their marriage.

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