Planning Hillary Clinton’s Funeral — Odd Job Request For Huma Abedin? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton’s staff covered just about everything having to do with her daily life and that included being asked to help make funeral arrangements for the former secretary of state, according to newly released emails. Judicial Watch has released another batch of emails today and while there’s no great scandal bubbling up so far, some very strange emails are worth taking a gander at.

Anyone who has followed Hillary Clinton is acquainted with the name Huma Abedin. She is a long-time trusted aid, or rather right-hand person of Hillary Clinton. She recently revealed that her marriage breakup had a lot to do with keeping Hillary and her campaign image in a nice painted portrait.

According to TheBlaze a “disturbing new report” suggests that Huma and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner are back together again. The report also cites that their previous breakup was more for “optics” and done “under pressure from Hillary’s camp.” Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal was a shocker when it first hit headlines and while it was rocky for the couple, Huma stood by her man the first and second time this happened. It was after the third time Weiner was caught that Hillary’s camp allegedly swayed Huma’s decisions.

Huma Abedin Hillary's Right Hand Person

It was in 2011 while Weiner was in Congress that he published a picture of his genitalia on Twitter, reports TheBlaze. He resigned and then ran for mayor of New York, but in the middle of that campaign back in 2013, he was caught sending more nude pictures of himself to other women online under the pen name of “Carlos Danger.” While Huma got much backlash, she stood by her man once again, but a third time seemingly brought an end to their marriage. According to new reports, that really wasn’t the case.

It was in 2016 when Huma was in the middle of the campaign with Hillary that it was revealed that Weiner did it again. He allegedly sent a nude picture of himself to a 15-year-old girl. It was also reported that he “asked the girl to engage in rape fantasies,” according to TheBlaze.

For Huma, this time, with the underage girl being involved, sticking together wasn’t really an option that would fare well for her when it came to the headlines. Apparently it was more like it wouldn’t fare well for Hillary and her campaign, as the report suggests this “breakup” was done “under pressure from Hillary’s camp.”

The New York Post spoke with a source close to the couple recently and they revealed that Huma has been “working very hard on their marriage.” The two spend a lot of time together in the apartment they once shared, with Weiner going home to his mother when disagreements dictated separate locations for the two.

Whether Huma should go back to her husband or not isn’t the question here, but if she actually split for the sake of Hillary and her campaign, that speaks volumes to the devotion level coming from Huma in regard to Hillary. She’s certainly been asked to go above and beyond if this report of splitting with her husband was done only for Hillary’s sake is true.

Now back to that odd email that was revealed today, which indicated that Huma was approached to help plan Hillary Clinton’s funeral. When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, Capricia Marshall was chief protocol for the State Department. She wrote an email to Huma that every time someone of significance passes away, she is “flooded with requests” about Clinton’s arrangements.

Huma is Hillary's Right Hand Person Right Down to Future Funeral Arranging

Capricia tried to sell Huma on the point that once Hillary settled on the type of arrangements she would like, “it would be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she wanted.” She went on to give the example, “ie if you want the motorcade to go through DC – stop somewhere.” It is not known if Huma went any further with this funeral arrangement request. One could only imagine it is not something anyone would want to bring to the attention of the person signing your paychecks.

Out of the 1,184 pages of emails sent, the New York Post also mentioned one where Abedin was asked to “follow through on a request by Chelsea.” Apparently the request was to arrange a White House tour for a Haitian-American sailor from the ship the USS Comfort.

Huma was hesitant about doing this, which seemed evident in another email. Huma wrote that Cheryl Mills, who was Hillary’s chief of staff, will “kill the tour if she found out I set it up….” The New York Posts suggests that the interaction seen in these emails seems to show the “level of tension that existed among some of Clinton’s advisers.”

Between allegedly splitting up with her husband under pressure from Hillary’s camp for the “optics” needed for Hillary’s campaign, to being asked to help plan Hillary’s funeral, some would say Huma gave her all. Who knows what she’d be expected to do today if there was a President Hillary Clinton in the White House?

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