Five Must-Watch Horror Movies Of 2010 That Are Actually Scary [Opinion]

If you’re searching for the best horror movies, there are a handful of scary films from 2010 that are a must-watch for genre buffs. Though there isn’t a vast collection of scary horror movies from that year, there are five solid features that are worth discovering or revisiting.

The Crazies

Insanity becomes an infectious disease in a small town.

Rarely are remakes of horror movies better than the original, especially if the original was a George A. Romero film, but this is one of the few exceptions. Both versions serve as social commentary, and where Romero’s Crazies has more charm and style, this updated version is way more intense and scary. Plus, it has Timothy Olyphant.

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Genetic engineers splice DNA from a variety of animals to create new species. When they attempt to do this with a human, you guessed it, things go terribly wrong.

This film received great reviews from the majority of critics, and 7M Pictures describes why this is one of the best horror movies from 2010.

“Earlier this summer, I considered ‘Splice’ to be the most underrated and unfortunately seldom seen movie of the year… [It] is the kind of hidden film that I love seeing, having spent many hours at all-night horror movie marathons. While it appears to be a pretty straightforward story, the actual film gives you more in scares and chills – and more to think about – than you’d expect.”


Three skiers try to survive the elements while stranded on a ski lift.

This is one of the most underrated horror movies. The amount of creativity and effort it took to make this film is incredible. As revealed in the video below, there was no green screen used or CGI; filmed at Snowbasin Mountain in Utah, the actors were actually suspended 50 feet in the air. Alongside director Adam Green, who was also poised in the air while operating the camera (since the camera crew was too scared to do so), the trio would spend the entire day of shooting on the ski lift with no water, food, or bathroom breaks.

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But in addition to this being an amazing testimony to filmmaking, it’s one of the most chilling horror movies of the 2000s. The actors’ performances is very convincing, and it’s easy to put yourself in their position which makes it all that more terrifying. This film won’t scare you because of jump-scare tactics, but because of its realism. Frozen will stick with you long after the credits roll, and you’ll definitely remember it the next time you go skiing.

Let Me In

A young boy (Owen), who is tormented at school, befriends a young girl (Abby) who turns out to be a vampire.

If it’s one thing horror movies have shown us, it’s that kids can be very scary. This is a remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In, and it’s just as good (and maybe even better). Blending romance, horror, and drama, this is what Twilight should have been. Usually starring in roles showing his dry humor, like Ted in Burn after Reading, Richard Jenkins is unusually creepy in his role as Abby’s guardian.

Let Me In is scary enough that the actress who portrays Abby, Chloë Grace Moretz, gets frightened watching it. In an interview with Hero Complex, Moretz describes watching one of the scariest horror movies from the last several years.

“The funny thing about ‘Let Me In’…is that I scare myself when I watch the movie. I know where scary parts are, I know when she’s going to jump up, but I scream anyway. There’s this creepy little vampire girl, and I know she’s going to jump up but I still scream.”

The Last Exorcism

A minister agrees to have his last exorcism filmed for a documentary.

This possession horror film really surprised me. If you haven’t seen The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, then watch those first. But if you have seen the aforementioned movies, and you’re in the mood for another possession story, then this is the next one you should see. The filmmakers do a great job of utilizing the usual horror tropes found in such movies while adding in a few unique elements allowing it to stand on its own. Combining two subgenres of horror (found footage and possession movies), The Last Exorcism is fun, creepy, and, at times, genuinely scary.


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From The Crazies to Let Me In, some of the best scary horror movies came from 2010.

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