WWE’s Paige Sex Tape Woes Horrific — Day Before Wedding, Diva Shares Painful Time [Opinion]

WWE star Paige described a painful time when her world imploded after a sex tape from years ago surfaced online. On the day before she’s slated to marry her soul mate, she opened up about the scandal that left her wanting to physically harm herself. Despite that tough shell you see in the WWE ring, the humiliation she suffered was unbearable for Paige.

Paige is famous and many recognize her as this tough WWE diva, but she said that many people sitting at their keyboards don’t seem to realize that she is human. They don’t realize that she has “feelings” and that she does “suffer.” The sex tape brought Paige “viral humiliation,” along with “cyber bullying.”

One of Paige’s first worries when learning that the sex tape was online was that the man she loves and is about to marry was going to leave her. She posted her past worries on social media late last night. Instead of the man she’s about to marry dumping her, Alberto Del Rio “held her hand through hell,” she writes.

Paige has nothing but praise for the man she calls her husband already and whom she credits for getting her through this horrific time in her life, reports The Sun. They announced their wedding on Instagram, which is seen below.

How Paige explains this sex tape is a story that is heard too often among trusting young girls. She said “she put her trust in the hands of someone that took advantage of a young girl years ago.” She knows that she made a big mistake at the time, which is something heard from other young and trusting girls today.

Not many young girls commit to a monogamous intimate relationship believing their new love is going to end at some time in the future, but it happens. At the time they trust their partners and if they make a racy video, they also trust that it will stay between the two of them. But as everyone knows, that doesn’t always happen. Paige’s story is one of thousands, but because she is so famous, you can put a face to this story.

Paige is not alone in the fame department when it comes to having an unwanted sex tape online. One of the most talked about sex tapes in modern times is the one Kim Kardashian made with an old boyfriend.

While there have been rumors about how that tape got online and that it was Kim’s claim to fame, it is hard to believe that she saw it that way when it first appeared. While Kim Kardashian might not be the best example of a life ruined over a sex tape, it is a good example of how it never goes away.

According to the Huffington Post today, new information on who, what, when, where, and why Kim’s sex tape hit the internet has emerged. The point being, this story is still going strong after years of being online. The infatuation for sex tapes of celebrities doesn’t just go away and unfortunately with Paige this is something she may battle for years.

In Kim’s case it may have been the door that opened to make her famous, as the Huffington Post reports it is the “most watched XXX-video of all time.” In other cases a sex tape released online has devastated lives, even those who are famous. This doesn’t apply to just females. Hulk Hogan was beside himself when someone leaked a sex tape of him. He sued and won, but that tape is online for eternity, or cyber eternity anyway.

According to the Hollywood Reporter last year, Hogan said the tape being put online “turned his world upside down.” He felt pretty much the same as Paige did. Just because he is a big strapping guy doesn’t mean he can’t be humiliated. He was as “seven million people watched him have intercourse with his friend’s wife,” reports the WWE icon. He was a victim and thanks to the internet, he will be online in that compromising position ready to be viewed by his future great-grandchildren’s generation.

Paige said her thoughts raced between thinking her husband was going to leave her to her family disowning her. Neither of those worries came true, as Paige found love and support from both her husband and her family.

It was the day before her wedding that she decided to share what her life was like once that sex tape was leaked. She felt that her story might just help others out there who will be faced with the same decision as she was. She trusted someone that wasn’t worthy of her trust. She didn’t know this at the time, but she does today.

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