Johnny Depp Takes On Controversial Role Of John McAfee In ‘King Of The Jungle’ [Opinion]

Johnny Depp has just been signed to portray John McAfee in the new movie King Of The Jungle. It will be a dark comedic performance, according to IGN.

Johnny Depp will portray a highly controversial man, who on one hand is a cyber security and cyber espionage expert and computer genius. On the other side of things, John McAfee has been reportedly accused in the 2016 showtime documentary, Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, of several crimes including two murders and a rape, according to Fortune.

“[A]documentary about McAfee’s time in Belize alleges that he committed not one but two murders, and raped a Harvard biologist who was running a lab with him in the Central American country. “

Johnny Depp’s newest character, John McAfee, is perhaps best known for his antivirus software, popularized more than a decade ago. McAfee continues to be active and presumably well respected in the cyber security industry.

In 2012, John McAfee reportedly may have been initially suspected of murdering his neighbor in Belize, according to Fortune. John allegedly fled the country when he was sought for questioning, it was later stated, though, that he was not a suspect.

Filmmaker Nanette Burnstein, who largely created Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, alleges she spent three months researching her project in Belize, she recorded interviews with former members of John’s security team, and several of his ex-girlfriends as well as others from the area who knew McAfee.

“Is he absolutely guilty of both murders? Do I have DNA evidence to prove it? I can’t. But I think that the evidence is so damning against him that I want people to think about how someone can get away with doing something like this.”

Johnny Depp will portray a man of many facets, contradictions and unique ideas. John McAfee lives anything but a conservative lifestyle, according to Fortune.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member
Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images

John McAfee reportedly lives a wild life but isn’t a bad guy to be around, according to Free Keene. This writer, who claims to have known the cyber security expert, describes the one-time antivirus king as “a great guy,” but also a guy who dates much younger women.

“Did you know that John McAfee was in his late 50s when he had a 16-year-old girlfriend?”

Johnny Depp’s new role will be challenging from an intellectual point of view as well. John McAfee is an expert on cyber espionage, who recently wrote a rather scholarly article for the Financial Times.

John McAfee was interviewed at length by Sputnik News last week as well, giving his expert opinion on alleged Russian hacking. While his personal life may be considered questionable by some, his knowledge of cyber security and the potential for cyber espionage is apparently valued.

Johnny Depp’s newest character is controversial and perhaps eccentric in his lifestyle, but John’s professional writing and lecturing skills display his organized, logical, and lucid mind.

Johnny Depp’s character will portray the darker side of John McAfee. Only someone of Johnny Depp’s unique talent for capturing people with a lot of inner depth and complexity could have a hope of portraying McAfee.

How will Johnny Depp portray John McAfee? IGN described King of the Jungle in comparison to Apocalypse Now, so apparently, it will be a quite dark portrayal.

“The story will take inspirations from Apocalypse Now and promises to be a darkly comic look at McAfee’s wild lifestyle, which is filled with murder, sex, and paranoia.”

Johnny Depp looking great
Johnny Depp looking great [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

How will John McAfee feel about being portrayed by Johnny Depp? Perhaps that will depend on how he is represented in King of the Jungle. John was reportedly upset by Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, according to Fortune.

John McAfee denies the entire content of the Showtime documentary Gringo. He wrote Fortune a four-page letter explaining his side of things, closing with complete denial of the allegations.

Gringo is a fabrication from beginning to end.”


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Will Johnny Depp be visiting John McAfee to research his new character? Could these two become friends? It will be interesting to see how Johnny Depp portrays John as well, and how much creative license he will be allowed within the script.

Johnny Depp has just recently accepted the role of John McAfee in King of the Jungle, so no one knows how the story will be told.

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