President Trump’s Travel Ban Gets Big Support From 13 Republican-Led States [Opinion]

President Trump seems to have gotten some major support from Republican leaders out of 13 predominately Republican-led states regarding his latest travel ban executive order. The travel ban was seen as unlawful and seemingly an attack on the religion of Islam and the Muslim people rather than on possible terrorist threats out of them, as the travel ban only included middle-eastern states with major Muslim populations.

In fact, the two biggest countries that have been a threat to the United States aren’t even on it. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are just two of the major nations left off the ban that clearly should be on it, if the ban was based on possible terrorist issues. Interestingly, the ban is not seen as permanent but rather short-term. It is only set for three months at this point, but many are under the impression that once the ban is there it could be extended.

Homeland Security was put on the job to find if President Trump was right in his ban, but sadly they found that the countries on the travel ban list were not immediate threats to the United States and had not been for a while. The countries on the original travel ban included Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen. His travel ban was denied by federal judges, on the grounds that it was done out of an attack on Islam and not on the protection of the United States from terror attacks.

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Trump had to go back to the drawing board, but he did not do much in his change. He took Iraq off the travel ban, but that was the only change. The new plan did not differ much from the first, which is why federal judges from Hawaii and Maryland still denied it. Meanwhile, an Eastern District judge out of Virginia upheld the new travel ban made by President Trump. The travel ban remains suspended despite this, simply because other judges have sided against it even still.

President Trump would need a lot of help for the travel ban to pass, and it seems like he’s starting to get some support by Republican-led states. According to The Hill, 12 attorney generals and one governor from 13 states that support the ban have filed an “amicus brief” supporting Trump and his travel ban as it’s on its way to federal appeals court.

The attorneys generals are from Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and West Virginia. Meanwhile, Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi was also involved. The current appeal is in regards to the decision made by the Maryland judge. They argue that the courts blockading the travel ban infringes on President Trump’s constitutional ability to make national security decisions. They claim the following in the brief.

“The district court’s ruling is thus an intrusion into the national-security, foreign affairs, and immigration powers possessed by the Executive and delegated by Congress…. It threatens amici’s interests by denying the federal government—under a statutory regime crafted by the States’ elected representatives in Congress—the latitude necessary to make policy judgments inherent in this country’s nature as a sovereign.”

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Due to the ruling in Virginia being in favor of the travel ban, there are some who believe this will all end up going to the Supreme Court. Ironically, President Trump could very well help to shape the Supreme Court for years to come and has already nominated a judge for the court. Some have assumed all along that he would pick people who side with him on things, which would allow for him to do a lot of the things he would want.

Due to the checks and balances situation, the judicial branch has the power to basically block or stop anything the executive or legislative branch does. This means that anything Congress or a sitting president does that they disagree with can be taken back or changed. They also have the right to remove people form positions and so much more. Having them in your back pocket as a president would certainly be ideal. For now however, he has not really done a lot to have a good “in” with the Supreme Court.

This means that if by chance Trump wants his travel ban to happen, he’ll need other judges from other states to help him out. Otherwise, the Supreme Court would decide on the travel ban, and it is unlikely they would go with Trump on the idea going off of their history with material similar to this. It’ll be interesting to see how things would happen then. For now, however, Trump does have the support of several leaders from various states. That is still a big deal at this point.

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